6-story apartment building planned for 53rd St.

The stretch of 15th Ave. NW south of Market St. may be getting another apartment building.

A 6-story apartment with 60 small efficiency dwelling units (SEDUs for short) has been proposed for 1446 NW 53th St., next door to the Subway on 15th.

The property is the current home of the gym, Outrageously Fit.

As is typical now for SEDU developments along the 15th Ave. corridor, the proposal does not include any plans for parking.

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19 thoughts to “6-story apartment building planned for 53rd St.”

    1. I agree, if you can only afford 400 sq ft of apartment, seems unlikely you’d have the extra money for a car.

          1. Um duh LTU…it’s not like living anywhere in Ballard is affordable. It’s just GREED fueling this society of sardines.

          2. Come to the Wicker Man on Saturday everyone invited. Much social justice affordable housing for all bring a funny hat.

          3. Except, research shows about 25% of those who rent apts DO HAVE cars.

  1. Options! That’s what this city needs. Not everyone needs or wants to pay for parking. Carsharing, bikes, cartogo, Uber….get used to it. Don’t build for the past. Build for the future.

  2. I’m not avocadoing for this but this has crossed my mind. What if one day we didn’t need to own cars and we made all of our streets a giant outdoorsy walking area!

    1. get an injury that requires crutches, or maybe just be a female who needs to go out after dark alone.. or have months of 30 degree weather and pouring rain..and maybe this imaginary utopia doesn’t sound that amazing

  3. blah, i hope they don’t block my view. they should have planned it so that taller buildings went further away from the water or behind more expensive buidings.

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