New ‘curb bulbs’ painted on Leary Ave.

As we previewed last month, the city installed an all-way stop sign, flashing beacon and crosswalk at the confusing intersection of Leary Ave. and Vernon Pl.

With most of the work done, crews have just painted the “curb bulbs,” which come in all different colors and designs — like these blue swirls over on 40th Ave. NE. Instead of a funky design, SDOT went with the brick look, since the intersection is right next door to Old Ballard.

(Photos from SDOT)

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17 thoughts to “New ‘curb bulbs’ painted on Leary Ave.”

    1. Something like 10,000. I’d really prefer a roundabout here, but the stop sign is SUCH an improvement, and a roundabout would have cost around a million. I feel like I can actually cross this intersection on foot without risking my body now, and I feel was less likely to be involved in an accident when crossing it on rainy nights.

  1. Congratulations, trolls, on making this post about you. Unmoderated and useless comments are why I’m not going to read this site any longer.

  2. that intersection is now a big pain in the ass for drivers. i sat there for a minute or two as one person ambled across the street. “ok, i can go now” – nope, just as person 1 crossed, person 2 starts going…this happened with 4 people.

    can’t wait for the ridiculous set up 2 blocks south of market on 15th to be “operational”.

    1. As someone who drives AND walks across this intersection frequently, and pulls out of a parking lot right just down the block on a regular basis, this is a huge improvement. People were going WAY too fast though here before. Since the stop sign, I haven’t been nearly hit while crossing the intersection — in my car — even once, which is something that happened with alarming regularity before. And I lose maybe fifteen seconds driving through it at 5:30pm, which is a loss I’ll welcome for the improved safety.

    2. Wow, a whole minute or two, tragic! :-)

      I cross this intersection every day. I’ve had countless incidents of people not stopping at the old crosswalk. The old setup also made you make a dangerous street crossing to get on the right side for the ped crosswalk. Huge improvement! I drive it fairly frequently too – the change is fine.

    3. As someone who drives through that intersection frequently, usually while feeling like I am in a hurry, I am SO HAPPY about the improvements. Much less worry that one day I’ll hit someone crossing. Also less awkward wondering “is that guy going to cross … hmm, looks like no, let’s pull the car forward … omg, he IS crossing and now I have to stop again” I like clarity in the driver/pedestrian communique.

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