Motorcycle collides with car on Sunset Hill

A motorcycle heading along 32nd Ave. NW on Sunset Hill collided with a parked car near NW 80th St., neighbors say.

The collision happened Saturday evening, sending parts of the motorcycle skidding down the street. The dashboard was resting 40 feet away from the rest of the bike.

Fortunately the rider was alert and talking as he was loaded up in the ambulance, according to witnesses.

There’s no word from Seattle Police on the cause of the collision. Neighbors say that people often speed down 32nd Ave., a long, downhill stretch of road.

(Thanks to Mac for sending us the photo).

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14 thoughts to “Motorcycle collides with car on Sunset Hill”

  1. I’ll bet it was some young punk kid on one of those Japanese crotch rockets driving like a bat out of hell, I see these morons all the time. Hope he’s ok but these kids got to learn they aren’t invincible.

  2. I’m a resident near where the incident happened and one guy down the street said he was doing 60+ mph (in a 30mph zone) and it had sounded like he went by a few times even heard a 4 cylinder motorcycle rev a bit prior when heading down the street which I would assume was the gentleman that crashed. Obvious broken arm was only wearing a motorcycle jacket and helmet of which the visor came off and didn’t appear to be zipped up, hands were down to the bone in some areas and jeans were torn up, overall lucky to be in one piece, conscious and able to articulate. Was one of the loudest crashes I’ve heard in my decade+ of living here even louder than most high speed car collisions I’ve heard.

    1. When he crashed yes he was traveling north however it sounded as if he had passed a few times prior to having a collision and on one of the passes moving down the hill (south) to my understanding reved his engine so generally being a nuisance.

  3. We live a block away and I heard the very loud engine revving maybe 30s before I heard the guy screaming. I just replayed the audio from our outdoor security camera and the bike’s engine was roaring for a solid 5-10 seconds before the bang. I’d sure like to see a stop sign at that intersection.

    1. Motorcycle speeding and hit uneven patch in road. Assume lost control, with bike hitting parked cars on both sides. Motorcycle in pieces and rider landed a long way away.
      32nd avenue definitely needs speed bumps – we hear acceleration all the time, and have heard crashes before.

  4. @ resident on 32nd: we do NOT need speed bumps on 32nd. And we can’t seem to legislate common sense either. So perhaps personal responsibility is called for here. Or, do we need more laws and more nannies telling us about them? C’mon man. More people here = more idiots doing stupid things. Get used to it. We are all supposed to just love this stuff. And don’t worry, plastic straws are banned now. That’ll fix this too.

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