Sailor rescued from the waters off Shilshole

Updated: Fire crews responded to Shilshole Marina this morning for a report of a man in the water, separated from his sailboat.

The sailor was rescued by another vessel nearby, according to Seattle Fire. He was then transferred to the fire boat on scene. He did not suffer any injuries.

The sailboat that was in trouble is beached near Anthony’s, according to the scanner.

This is second time in less than a year that a Good Samaritan has come to the rescue at Shilshole. Last November, a man was rescued by fellow boaters nearby after his fishing boat sank. The rescuers were honored by Seattle Fire.

(Thanks to Silver for the scanner updates).

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3 thoughts to “Sailor rescued from the waters off Shilshole”

  1. For boaters giving aid to another boater in distress is more than being a good Samaritan it’s the law of the sea. We always give aid to another boater and know we can rely on other boaters to come to our aid when needed.

    I can still remember, on a trip to Alaska, listening to a Canadian tug circling for over a day till help could arrive to rescue a boat in distress, they were not is a position to help but would not leave the scene till help arrived. They weren’t expecting pay or recognition, they were just doing the right thing.

    Certainly wish the rest of the world operated by the same rules.

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