Volunteer to clean Ballard Bridge’s sidewalks

If you’re feeling industrious this Saturday, head on down to Peddler Brewing for the quarterly cleaning of the sidewalks along the Ballard Bridge.

“While we impatiently wait for the city to make it safer to cross, we’re doing our part to keep it clean! Peddler has adopted the Ballard Bridge Sidewalk through the Adopt-A-Street Program,” explains the event listing from Peddler Brewing.

To help with the clean-up this Saturday, first RSVP here. Then meet at Peddler Brewing (near the bridge at 1514 NW Leary Way) at 9:45 a.m. You’ll be back at the brewery by noon to enjoy a beer.

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35 thoughts to “Volunteer to clean Ballard Bridge’s sidewalks”

  1. Thanks to Peddler, but this city is derelict of their duty to keep this city clean and safe. Meanwhile PAY UP THOSE TAXES SUCKERS!

  2. How about paying some vagrants to clean it up. Oh wait, we can’t. Suggesting they could earn a few honest bucks moving a broom and a shovel isn’t “compassionate” because it isn’t free and unconditional, and it’s beneath their dignity.

  3. “While we impatiently wait for the city to make it safer to cross.” Is there a plan or a proposal? I’m curious to learn more about what this might entail so I can be impatient for it, too. :)

  4. nice gesture but the city needs to maintain the roads and sidewalks on a regular basis – its not for lack of money, DOT has plenty and more every year.

  5. Hey Geeky Swedes, any chance you could add a button to report spam? I usually don’t have the time to send you a separate email, but I’ve noticed more spammy-type comments lately.
    Thanks for adding the up & down buttons, though!

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          2. Something I don’t agree with or that pisses me off.

          1. God, you’re a bore. The spam comments are clearly just that…have a look at the five or six at the end of the Lockspot article, for instance.

          2. Okay, we’ll avoid trying to be “exact”, and avoid misusing the “spam” to demean or marginalize postings opposing or distasteful to our own opinions.
            Would you concur that Ayana Gonzalez posting is spam, or should be flagged as such for editorial assessment? If it included a link to a commercial site would your concurrence be stronger?

          3. As I am an adult, I find it very easy to ignore what I don’t care for.

      1. Spam, a composition of various meats, probably pork that is preserved in a rectangular can. It pairs nicely with Velveeta or any other American processed cheese food. When it was available a bottle of Ripple or other fine wine was delightful.

  6. Must be time for yet another property tax increase then, if our greedy city can’t afford to clean itself up. How inept and sad that we have to now have a “clean-a-thon” to do the cities job. Although, sending out 6 trucks with 50 guys to do this is expensive, and may mean overtime. Nice to see $$ being allocated properly. Good job mayor/city council, I’m so proud to have you there.

      1. It’s cute you think tripling their budget would result in anything other than tripling the amount of graft and waste. This love of the “Montessori” model of governance, and culture in general, is probably the fundamental reason why leftism always ends up being a playpen of blame shifting and endless preventable crises.

        Did you see the news from Seattle City Light? Turns out that reduced use by consumers means their bottom line is hurting and so they’re going to raise rates again. I guess you can enjoy the little bit of socialism there as we all get to share in paying the costs of their mismanagement.


        “Electricity use is ebbing as buildings and people conserve energy, a greater percentage of people become apartment dwellers and the industrial sector sheds jobs, the panel wrote. Mounting employee-compensation costs also are part of the picture, Thomsen said.

        The number of executives at City Light grew from 12 in 2012 to 38 five years later and the utility has used overtime pay to manage the construction boom.

        But the most important cost driver “continues to be its very large capital-investment program,” the review panel wrote, attributing 48 percent of the utility’s anticipated spending growth to debt coverage for infrastructure projects.”

        1. Budgeting only for large capital investment programs and emergency repairs does not imply properly funded. We need budget for regular infrastructure maintenance and services, like cleaning up up streets, bridges or things like maintaining storm drains during the fall.

          But the City has been averse to hiring staff in all departments to take care of these things since the mid-2000s recession, and it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

          …is probably the fundamental reason why leftism always ends up being a playpen of blame shifting and endless preventable crises.

          I also think it’s cute that you seem to think conservatives could do a better job.

          1. Who said anything about conservatives? In any case, you guys have total political and fiscal control of the city and it’s currently an utter disaster. OWN IT. But as you demonstrate, you guys only want to shift blame. Thirty-eight execs at Seattle City Light isn’t “enough”? Maybe they aren’t printing memos in 45 languages, only 20.

            Maybe you should organize a protest march to blame conservatives for Seattle’s problems the way Chicago blames them for the ghetto violence. Comedy!

          2. …the fundamental reason why leftism always ends up being a playpen of blame shifting and endless preventable crises.

            Well Harley, unless there’s a third party in our two party country that you were implying can do a better job in the above mine. Is it standard for you to deny something you publicly posted just an hour before?

            And I believe this thread was about Scott complaining about SDOT. You derailed it to SCL, which I’m not commenting on. Also, if this city is currently an utter disaster, why are you still here? Why haven’t you moved to the conservative Meccas that are Mississippi or Idaho? Why do you torture yourself so?

            Oh wait, that’s because you have no grasp on reality. How could I forget?

          3. I’ve lived here for 25 yrs, and I’m NOT HARLEY WHOMEVER HE IS.
            Why do you care more about “twitter racists” than you do about our city being run by a bunch of inept con artists? PATHETIC

          4. Because he can’t debate, only name-call. He needs to learn to clean his own room up first bucko.

  7. Thank GOD— after years of dumping my garbage there, it’s nice for someone to take initiative and clean it up!

  8. I’m terrified to go over the bridge on a bike – but a big thanks to Peddler. Instead of making snarky internet comments, its great to see people taking some civic pride to make their city a better place, and actually do something.

    1. Haha yeah I mean at least they’re doing something other than complaining about It! Way to go!! Peddler! Trash is not welcome

  9. Rode my bike over the bridge yesterday and really noticed the difference–thanks to Peddler Brewing and everyone who volunteered to clean up!

  10. Cleaning up streets (and bridges) should be the city’s responsibility, our taxes should be covering that. It is nice the communi5wants to help but by no means that is something that should be expected from us. Taxes are outrageous and we need to do the cleaning g??? Give me a break! Sick of this city’s management, when will we get a real leader(s)?

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