Busy evening for Seattle Fire at Golden Gardens

Updated: Seattle Fire responded to two different emergency calls in the waters off Ballard this evening, just 15 minutes apart.

At 5:01 p.m., Seattle Fire received a call for three swimmers in trouble at Golden Gardens. When firefighters arrived — both by land and water — the swimmers had been assisted by beachgoers to the shore, Seattle Fire said. Medics took a look at them, but there were no injuries.

Then at 5:16 p.m. — just 15 minutes after the first call — Seattle Fire received a call for a vessel in distress near Shilshole Bay Marina, right next door to Golden Gardens. The call came in as a fire on board. The same fire boat responded along with Seattle PD’s harbor patrol.

This was the view from Ray’s, courtesy of Andrew who sent us the photo:

“There was no fire on the boat, however the boat was reportedly having engine problems and needed assistance,” Seattle Fire’s Kristin Tinsley told My Ballard.

So a good outcome for a very busy 30 minutes along the Ballard waterfront — always a good reminder to play it safe out on the water this time of year.

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7 thoughts to “Busy evening for Seattle Fire at Golden Gardens”

  1. Welcome to the new Ballard. Crying for emergency help when it is not needed. Just more expensive nonsense. Kudos to the folks at Golden Gardens who stepped up to help someone in distress. Some of old Seattle is still out there.

    1. Neither case sounds like the people who needed ‘help’ actually called. Bystanders called in for both cases. Good job for them to be proactive rather than ignore a potential issue.

    2. Looks like the “New Ballard” is anonymously hurling insults at strangers based on surface level understanding of events you weren’t there for.

      Maybe “New New Ballard” can be better than that.

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