Gemenskap Park community meeting tonight

If you live near the new Gemenskap Park on 14th Ave. NW, there’s a community meeting tonight (Thursday) that you may want to attend.

The East Ballard Community Association (EBCA) and St. Alphonsus have teamed up with Seattle PD, Parks and Recreation and the Department of Neighborhoods to hold a meeting to “share concerns as well as ideas to ensure the park and surrounding neighborhood remain a safe and vibrant place for our community.”

The meeting runs from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the St. Alphonsus Family Center (1415 NW 58th St).

Then this Saturday, EBCA is inviting volunteers on the “Summer Clean Sweep,” cleaning up 14th Ave. NW and the park site. Food and beverages will be served, and kids are invited, too. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Meet at Blowing Sands Glass on 14th Ave. NW and NW 58th St.

While not quite complete — landscaping has been delayed due to utility work — Gemenskap Park is expected to open later this summer.

(Gemenskap Park photo from EBCA. You can see more here).

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29 thoughts to “Gemenskap Park community meeting tonight”

  1. I was curious about the landscaping. I hope this will remain to be a safe (and clean) space as I walk my dog in these parts on the daily.

    1. It won’t be clean after every dog in Ballard has crapped on every square foot of the grass by 3 p.m., Genius.

    1. The City Council now has an assistance team that helps them set up to prevent the campers from suing the city for racism.

    2. Isn’t that one of the two reasons why this park was built by the idiots in city government?

      1) To provide more space for junkies and hobos to pitch tents so they can “show” all the rich techies why more tax dollars are needed.

      2) To take away parking spaces so the same rich techies will feel obligated to waste more money on boondoggle mass transit projects.

  2. “share concerns as well as ideas to ensure the park and surrounding neighborhood remain a safe and vibrant place for our community.”

    oh it will be vibrant all right, filled with camper junkies within a month or less i’d bet.

      1. Haha so true. I love the 31 negative down votes. Hey Ballard, with that kind of attitude its no wonder the vagrant heroin and meth addicts are flooding your neighborhood and raping women and shoving 4-year olds to the ground at community centers. And its going to get a lot worse with the enabling, snowflake approach.

  3. If they want to clean up 14th please feel free to tow away the campers in the median by Safeway and tell the panhandler meth heads to take it downtown

    1. True, but Ballard is filled with poser progressive snowflakes who favor enabling criminal activity including rape and assaulting 4-year olds at community centers.

  4. Still think this is more “wide planter strip” than a “park.” Was there a community outcry for greenscaping this stretch of road? Or was this just more of the city’s war on cars and parking?

    1. I think it is plain stupid what they did. Could have made a nice bike path in the middle lane, turning 14th into a lovely boulevard with a human face. Instead, it is a ridiculous bulge on the otherwise still unkempt and unsightly street. It must be a prank from some bigots with too much free time on their hands who figured out how to play the system and access plentiful public funds.

    2. Yes, I agree. A large planting strip and it’s kind of ridiculous. It was somebody’s little pet project. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve just created another camping area.

    3. Just the opposite, when the city held a meeting to take public input there was a bunch of neighbors who showed up and complained about loss of parking and the minions from the city ignored them and talked over them about all the “community” that this new park would create. Pure BS. They can have their community, most of us would like our parking spots back.

  5. Wow! I live on 14th between 59th and 61st and have not had an issue with parking since the construction started, so stop complaining about it. When I talk to my actual neighbors, (who actually live around the park) we all seem to be pretty excited about a place for our pets, kids, and a place for the rain water to go! I’m sorry my street isn’t a better place for you to drive quickly through.

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