New Gemenskap Park waits for utility work

With most of the street work complete, 14th Ave. NW has reopened to traffic through the Gemenskap Park construction project.

But workers are waiting for utility hookups before they can place the plants and grass, according to Seattle Parks and Recreation.

“We are in the queue for SPU to tap the main and install the meter which hooks up to our irrigation. We are also in the queue for SCL to install power to the meter which powers the irrigation controller and lights,” explains Toby Ressler with Seattle Parks.

There’s no estimate on how long this will take. The goal was to have the new park up and running by the end of spring.

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14 thoughts to “New Gemenskap Park waits for utility work”

  1. That middle strip along 14th could have been an awfully nice place to put a light rail line. I guess we can cross out 2 of the 7 light rail options that would have gone up 14th.

    The fact that it was known this was turning into a park, yet sound transit probably spent $50-100K on preliminary design work for those two options is what is wrong with our city.

    Oh, I forgot….. Since this is north of where the light rail would end in Ballard – they ignore any consideration of building beyond the single ballard station in their route/design process.

  2. Is “gemenskap” Danish for “stupid location”?

    Have to admire SDOT’s clownish efforts to maintain a road through there. Already confronted several drivers going down the wrong lane.

    1. Dan theDane, gemenskap is Swedish – it means community, connection, solidarity, etc. it is probably also the same word in Norwegian or Danish. I’m disappointed that the geeky Swedes didn’t do a complete job and include the meaning in the ‘article’.

  3. @ Tonka: Yay more Greenpeace. Great news alright. But will you be there to clean up after the place turns into anything BUT a nice place to take your kids?
    And how the heck can there be so many down votes on some people when there aren’t that many comments? Me thinks there are some out there doing this nefariously. Um Elenchos comes to mind.

    1. A downvote IS a sort of comment. It’s just a comment that says “Either what you have to say OR the way you’re saying it doesn’t add value to the conversation and is not welcome here” only with not quite so many words.

      1. Not necessarily true. I made a comment (more of a question really) about one of the businesses going into the building being built at the corner of 15th and Market and got downvoted for it. It’s random.

        1. Of course, I meant it as the idealized use of upvotes or downvotes. In practice, people are random.

          I almost never comment, but I upvote and downvote a lot. Downvotes are not for people or ideas that I disagree with, but specifically for comments that are unkind or off-topic.

          Maybe it helps deter the spammers and trolls and thread-jackers, maybe it doesn’t.

    2. Yep! I’ll be there volunteering to keep it clean for the sake of returning Seattle back to nature (sort of)

      The war on cars has just begun!

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