Police seek woman who shoved child at Ballard Community Center

An intoxicated woman made her way into the Ballard Community on Monday afternoon and attempted to access a restricted area, according to Seattle PD.

“Staff members confronted the woman, who became agitated and walked toward the exit. On her way out the door, the woman shoved a four-year-old girl to the ground,” police said.

When officers arrived, the woman was gone. The child sustained minor injuries, and police are investigating the case as an assault.

Officers have provided a rather rudimentary suspect description: “White female in her 50s, approximately 5’8, with short blonde hair, dressed in all black.”

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134 thoughts to “Police seek woman who shoved child at Ballard Community Center”

    1. People on the forum aren’t sure if elenchos is a man; some think elenchos is a woman. Either way, can’t wait for his/her ranting to commence. “One isolated incident does not a crime spree make” (technically true), “see, you commenters like to blow every little thing out of proportion” (also technically true), “if this was really a crisis we’d be hearing about these incidents more often” (as we are now). I’d say the 4 or 5 recent crime posts represent a pattern emerging. Soon, elenchos won’t be able to shout “this is an isolated incident, go back to your Safe Seattle site and continue being a NIMBY!”

      1. I have never once said , “if this was really a crisis we’d be hearing about these incidents more often”.

        Also, one incident not making a spree is not “technically” true. It’s actually the definition of a spree. A dog does not “technically” have four legs and a tail.

        I’ve also never said “go back to Safe Seattle”. I’ve said quit reading that garbage. Log off Nextdoor. Turn off Fox News. Stop listing to right wing talk radio. I don’t want you to continue to be filled with hate and paranoia. You can grow past this if you try.

        First step might be to quit sockpuppeting. Pick one name and stick to it.

        1. We live on a “nice, quiet “ street in Whittier Heights. We have had the wheels and tires stolen from my Toyota parked in front of the house, numerous times our car has been “opened” and it’s contents rifled through, packages stolen from our porch so often that we have all deliveries sent to my wife’s place of work and most recently our house burglarized while we were away for less than an hour. I do not listen too Faux news nor subscribe to Neighborhood news web pages, I’m not paranoid these are actual incidents.

          1. So what? Who said there were zero tire thefts? Your examples have proven there are not zero thefts, but nobody ever claimed that was the case.

            Here’s a fun fact: in 2016 there were nearly 27,000 cases of larceny-theft in Seattle. Wow! Right?

            In 2000 there were… wait for it… 26,238 cases of larceny-theft. The population went from 570,000 to 686,000 during that period, meaning the rate of theft/larceny in Seattle saw a mild decline of about 46 per 1,000 people in 2000 to 39 or so in 2016.

            I never said “we’d hear about these incidents more often”. I have said “there is no crime wave”, and that in the last 20 years, the crime rate has been about the same. (continued…)

          2. I’ve also said in the decades before 2000, crime was WAY higher, such as in 1987 when there were 43,500 thefts when there were not even 500,000 people. The crime rate in 1987 for theft-larceny was 2.2 times what it was in 2016.

            That’s all I’m saying. So when you reply, “But my Zappos order never arrived!” it isn’t a meaningful point. Also, did you double check your address? I get like five packages a month meant for one of my neighbors. But I digress.

            The crime rate is pretty low, and it hasn’t been increasing, if at all. Homelessness has definitely increased a LOT, which pretty much proves that homelessness does not cause a higher crime rate. Ballard has four times as many homeless people but not four times the crime rate. In fact, it’s hardly changed at all.

    2. Why do you whine that I post too much, and then the first thing you do is try to draw me out? Also: stop socking. We all know you’re one guy with a dozen fake names.

          1. “Life isn’t fair sometimes. Deal with it and suck it up. It does you and no one else any good to constantly bitch and moan about it.”

  1. Women raped and children assaulted, homes invaded.
    Is everyone in Seattle on crazy pills tolerating this?
    I believe the SPD is now doing some “lip sync” video stunt. WTF???!!!

      1. There was a home invasion right up the street from my house a few nights ago. Happened on 25TH AVE NW, around NW 70TH ST. The homeowner shot the perp. You wouldn’t be LOL if this happened to you or your neighbor.

        1. Is this a different incident than the one described in this thread below this one? Because that was on the 6700 block of 25th NE. Did the perp die? Or are we going have to paid to patch him up and send him on his way to go victimize more homeowners?

          1. Hayduke , your reading comprehension sucks. The incident described was on the 6700 block of 25th NW not NE. The 6700 block runs from NW 67th to the next street which if my ancient memory serves is nw 70th street. I used to deliver the Ballard Tribune from NW 70th to NW 75 ranging from 20th NW to 26 NW. The location is more properly described as Sunser Hill rather than Loyal Heights as in the article but that’s only because the Geeky Swedes may not really know Ballard.

          1. Tell us why you took the Elk Lodge Bell, Lambchop. I’m sure the city will go easy on you. They’ll probably make you a community organizer afterwards.

    1. Harley, can you log back in with your other fake name, your Homeless On the Range sock? I want you to either show where I said any of those things you accuse me of saying, or admit you made it up. You lie so much and never take responsibility for your lies. You just make up a new sock name and carry on as if nothing happened.

      It’s weird how homelessness could quadruple yet the crime rate is flat. Not four times as much crime? Lends a lot of weight to the fact that homlessness doesn’t drive crime. You guys deny it when academic researchers tell you that fact, but now we have additional evidence of the same thing.

      1. elenchos, your microaggressions need to stop. By calling me a liar and irresponsible triggers me. I hope you know that by triggering me, you’re causing me stress.

      2. take your 3rd grade quarrel somewhere else. you two are pathetic and no one cares about your petty differences. spend some time out actually doing something about the problem instead of trolling.

      1. I know that. I largely share the outlook although it is grotesquely overstated on this site and readily descends into personal attacks. That’s my point and nothing on this thread addresses it, yet.

        1. When one half of the citizenry seems to support criminals who prey upon us all, it’s a bit perplexing when people such as yourself get upset over (honest, not fake nice) comment threads.

          We all work very hard to live here and most of us have suffered property crime, harassment, and sometimes assault as a result of the failed city leadership. This weird insistence on tone policing and legalistic sophistry (AKA political speak) instead of addressing an obvious invasion of lawless addicts is sadly part of the “Seattle Brand”.

          Let’s really talk about whether the city is doing well with this approach and whether our families and neighbors are safer than 5yrs ago. I think we all know the answer, whether or not we consider ourselves liberals or conservatives. We clearly have many, many inept people making decisions right now based on wishful thinking and flawed principles.

          1. Please reread the first posting on this thread and explain how it is in any sense constructive or conversational.

          2. Well, since I am not “BAM” I am not responsible for it, however, I would say that comments don’t RUIN PARKS, PUBLIC SPACES, BUSES, AND RETAIL, unlike the subsidized criminals.

            Once again, liberal-leaning people are only OK with anger if it is directed at Trump or capitalism. When it is directed at failed local policies all of a sudden they adopt a parochial tone and demand tasteful restraint.

            Sorry, that ship sailed, Kirk.

            Know this, though: I would like a city safe for me, for you, and for the rest of the functional, law-abiding people. Why so many people are dead set on turning Seattle into San Francisco – which now has problems attracting tourists due to the filth and lawlessness – is beyond me.

          3. “In 2017, the total number of visitors in San Francisco is estimated to have been 25.5 million, up 1.4% from 2016.”

            “For 2018, San Francisco Travel is forecasting a total of 26.281 million visitors to the city, an increase of 2.6 percent. Total spending by visitors in 2018 is projected to reach $9.486 billion, up 3.8 percent.”

            The total number of visitors, and total spending by visitors to SF both set new records every year in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and is expected to set another record high in 2018.


          4. “most of us have suffered…”
            Not true.
            I’ve lived in Ballard 10 years. In all that time the only property crime we’ve suffered is having a pair of sunglasses taken out of our unlocked car. I have not been harassed or assaulted.
            Please stop lying.

          5. I have lived in Ballard for 67 years and have never been the victim of any crime nor known anyone who has been.

        2. It’s one of the ways you know it’s Harley behind these socks. He isn’t able to focus on an idea, or an abstraction. He only sees people, as in, everything is personal. It’s why he’s been so obsessed with harassing specific local journalists. He puts as much energy into trying to intimidate individuals as promoting the cause he supposedly cares about.

          Maybe you’ve noticed he is incapable of using data? Statistics are utterly beyond him. He literally doesn’t comprehend what is meant by the words “crime rate”. It’s one statistic divided by another statistic, and he can’t even grasp one stat, let alone two. The only thing he can grasp is single incidents, specifically the bogeymen who are behind the incidents. His fearsome homeless junkie thief rapist that haunts his nightmares. He has to put a face on everything, and it’s a scary monster face.

          So here today, we have an incident which should be something for Safe Seattle & Harley to focus on. Maybe they could use it to make a cogent point. Instead, he uses his sockpuppets to post elenchos, elenchos, elenchos, elenchos. He has used his socks to post over and over “elenchos is the problem”.

          Some guy who posts on a neighborhood blog is the problem. Nobody else reading this wants to hear about “elenchos”. Harley will never comprehend that.

          If it’s not personally harassing a journalist, or an anonymous internet handle, it’s his obsession with Mike O’Brien. Everything has to be *personal*. So instead of trying to understand the larger social forces that cause problems like homelessness, he spins an elaborate fantasy where O’Brien is at the center of a web of conspiracy to deliberately ruin the city.

          And so tomorrow or the next day someone’s trashcan will get knocked over or they’ll get a flat tire or a drunk guy will curse in plain sight of a posh Ballard Ave boutique, and it will make MyBallard headlines, and the first thing Harley will do is start obsessing about elenchos, elenchos, elenchos.

          Without me, he’d just stalk someone else. I don’t know what the psychological diagnosis would be for someone who turns all of their problems into a personal rivalry with an imagined supervillian, but it’s messed up. And it’s an obvious tell. There might be more than one person living in fear of an imaginary crime wave, but there’s only one guy who has these compulsive tics.

          1. Elenchos, nobody asked for your word salad. Please keep your needles off my property.

          2. Homeless people…OK. Here’s my take then. Drug addicts. Alcoholics. Ex-cons. These are people who, for one reason or another, never learned to ‘adult’ properly. Now, they’re living on the street, down the street from you and I. Are they all dangerous, all the time? No. No more than you or I are. Are they dangerous some of the time? Sure, just like you and I are. However, you and I, elenchos, have ID cards, fixed addresses, and jobs. We can be and are responsible for our actions, because, part of adulting properly is understanding that actions have consequences, oftentimes negative consequences. Those who have decided to embrace drugs, booze, and crime, and those who decide they’re ‘too good’ to participate in a society correctly, are more of a danger than you or I, because they already took steps that rejected societies rules (like, don’t do drugs – instead, go to your job on time and get a paycheck) that helped land them on the streets. Now, they’re looking to get a handout off of you, but if you don’t let them, they may get violent – because that class of homeless are basically children who never learned polite manners.
            The other class of homeless, those who lost their jobs due to layoff or scalebacks, or those who lost jobs due to illness or death in their families, are generally those trying to get back on the ladder and back into society. Those aren’t the ones assaulting small children, or raping women in bathrooms. Those people need our help, and deserve. I agree with that. But those who’ve already given up on society, or chose poorly and continue to choose poorly…why should I pay higher property taxes to help them? They don’t appreciate it because it enables them and teaches them they don’t have to grow up to get by.
            Now, have I said anything that seems to enter paranoid territory, or does it seem to be a rational take on the homeless population, not only in Ballard, but in Seattle…and properly nationwide?

          3. Lol, a totally measured, reasonable and rational response, hotr. No wonder why Elenchos and her fan club voted it down so strongly.

          4. Elenchos, who is this “journalist” you’re speaking of that Harley supposedly harassed? I want specific examples of exactly what Harley said or did them. Go ahead, take your time, I’ll wait.

          5. ? Is that in response to my challenge of you to provide evidence? And why would you vote me down for simply asking you to provide evidence?

          6. Yeah, like you ever once bothered to answer any of the questions I ever asked you.

            Don’t bitch and whine to me that somebody downvoted you. Beg for sympathy anywhere but my doorstep. From what I can tell, a hell of a lot of people do not appreciate your nonsense. Maybe they have a point? Take the hint.

          7. I’m happy to engage and answer challenging questions from opponents. I do it all the time. I think it’s very telling that you slander someone like you did with Harley and you don’t have the balls to back it up with any evidence. I will just file that under the Elenchos is talking out their a55 category again.

          8. What you want is of no concern to anyone. Well maybe to your mother.

  2. We have real problems in ballard. Not made up neighborhood hysteria. Claiming that things like drunk homeless people pushing kids around is normal, or that its always been that way detracts from our ability as a community to solve this crisis.

    And Elenchos – nachos, I’ll meet you at the library any evening and bring with me my two SPD reports of my car getting broken into, as well as some tools stolen from my backyard. I’d also be happy to look up the the dozen or so other car break ins that have occured on my street.

    From the library, we can walk to the Gilman Playground and look for some needles or other meth paraphernalia. On any given day we would have about a 10% chance of finding something.

    From there, we can walk a few more blocks to the street I live on, and I’ll introduce you to my 88 year old neighbor who has lived in the same house for over 40 years, and you can talk to her if ballard was worse in the 80’s or today.

          1. Spoken like someone who is secretly fearful and spouts tough online.

          2. Huh. Northlake Way? Huh
            Beat:B3, STRONG ARM ROBBERY at 21XX BLOCK OF N NORTHLAKE WY reported on 7/19/2018 9:04 PM, Call# 18000266535

            Beat:J1, MISCHIEF, NUISANCE COMPLAINTS at 14 AV NW / NW 92 ST reported on 7/20/2018 1:02 PM, Call# 18000267469
            Beat:J2, HARASSMENT, THREATS at 83XX BLOCK OF 23 AV NW reported on 7/20/2018 12:49 PM, Call# 18000267388
            Beat:J2, BURGLARY – RESIDENTIAL, OCCUPIED at 65XX BLOCK OF 15 AV NW reported on 7/20/2018 11:44 AM, Call# 18000267208
            Beat:B2, PROPERTY – FOUND (FOLLOW UP TO SPD CASE) at 7XX BLOCK OF N 47 ST reported on 7/20/2018 11:40 AM, Call# 18000267236
            Beat:B3, THEFT – MISCELLANEOUS at 36XX BLOCK OF WOODLAND PARK AV N reported on 7/20/2018 10:34 AM, Call# 18000267217
            Beat:B1, ASSAULTS, OTHER at 53XX BLOCK OF 15 AV NW reported on 7/20/2018 5:58 AM, Call# 18000266636
            Beat:B2, FIGHT DISTURBANCE at 3XX BLOCK OF N 36 ST reported on 7/20/2018 2:02 AM, Call# 18000266932

          3. Compare:


            You SUCK at sock puppetry. You can’t keep track of which fake account posted what. You repeat the same things as “different” people and you think nobody would notice. The average person is nowhere near as dumb as you.

            Stop asking why you keep getting slammed with downvotes. Everyone hates you because they see right through you. EVERYBODY is sick of you.

  3. Imagine being the kind of person who, instead of outraged by murderers, rapists, burglars, thieves, junkies – and now – child beaters, you bash your neighbors as Nimby’s and insult them. Now try to imagine that on top of that, you berate and insult your neighbors for rebelling against the idea of PAYING TAXES to subsidize these same criminals.

    That’s where we are, Seattle.

    1. This is where the liberals are losing people like me. When you have a population that believes a certain population should be allowed to do whatever they want unencumbered and show utter disdain for those that don’t agree with you.

      I suspect in the near future there will be a lot more people like me, voting for the most liberal person at the top of the ticket and the most conservative for local/state elections.

      1. There is a certain type of entrenched thinking at Seattle City Hall that is completely detached from reality. It would seem that almost everything they attempt to solve becomes much worse, so they simply mobilize their “flying monkeys” to shout down any valid criticism and somehow equate it with “Trump/Maga racists” etc. It’s remarkable, and I suspect that regardless of Seattle’s future, this city’s current era will be studied by urban planners and social scientists as a cautionary example.

          1. Yes, the results of Seattle liberal politics are sadly predictable.

        1. No way that’s true. So much wealth has been created in the tech boom the last 8 years, and much of it to young democrats.

          1. The techies are libertarians an are mostly suburban kids who fear people of color.

          2. Haha, of course! All these college educated techies who attended “diverse” universities filled with people from all over the world “fear people of color”.

            I love the not-so-subtle suggestion you make that anyone who is fed up with the progressive(ly) dumpy direction Seattle has taken is somehow racist. Perhaps many of these “evil libertarians” have been immersed in Leftist environments for much of their lives and see through the many lies and inconsistencies.

            How do you manage to tie your shoes, Lambchop?

          3. There are lots of things I’m liberal on – race relations, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, bicycles. Things I’ve realized I’m drifting to the right on – tolerating junkies, a soft stance on criminals, taxation without logical representation. I’d say that makes me a moderate I guess…probably like a lot of people on this site. I used to vote all-left, all the time, but Seattle’s latest round of progressive policymakers has really shifted my judgment and beliefs.

          4. @Homeless on the Range
            Hate to tell you, but to the Left any deviation from orthodoxy on any issue means you’re a “racist altright nazi” etc.

            Good luck playing a la carte with that menu, Friend.

          5. <<<<<laughing hysterically at 'diverse' universities. Must have a Asian or two.

      2. Excellent post, CBM. No wonder why Elenchos had her minions vote it down so strongly. I have exactly the same position as you, granted I’m quite a bit older. I’ve lived here 25 years and voted Democrat all my life and worked for various liberal causes and candidates. I am DONE with it. And trust me, there are many more like me. I’m fed up with the enabling and encouragment of this crap. I will continue to vote against the GOP and Trump on a national level. At the state level I could go either way now. But when it comes to local elections, I’m voting down every tax or levy, and I’m voting every one of these deceitful clowns on the SCC out.

        1. Thanks for thinking and not feeling. More and more are finally waking up to the reality of today’s liberal. What we are all witnessing is the biggest scam in city history. While many complain about “unaffordable housing our city council raises property taxes. Um, hello. While many pretend to not see the shreds of human debris, many are sick and tired of their city going to S. “Compassion” does NOT mean taking from your neighbors to spend on a pet project to bring chaos. Without that and their permanent underclass these wonderful, well intentioned fools are sunk. Again, I thank you for being reasoned and actually using your brains

      3. I just write Obama in for all the local positions. Do you think he would serve if he won? He would whip those Uber-liberals into line.

    2. The problem is with our inherent humanity. Let me explain. The City Clowncil has determined that by appealing to our hearts, they can continue to mismanage funds for those they (amusingly) call ‘the most vulnerable’ of our society. How do they do this? By humanizing the homeless. “This is someone’s son/daughter/mother/father/3rd uncle twice removed” gets the younger, more idealistic among us to say ‘gosh you’re right, I’m sure this guy with 5 assault convictions in 3 different states is really just a misunderstood someone’s son who, with my support and tax dollars, can become a productive member of society.’
      Except, that last part, the ‘become a productive member of society’ part, is never explicitly touted – either by the Clowncil, or by those who vote for them and happily swallow the ‘caring is enough’ pills that get shoved down their throats. If rehabilitation is the goal, that doesn’t seem to be working. And, I’ll just refer to my previous post, and say that most drug addicts and criminals don’t want to reform. If they did, they wouldn’t have gotten to their station in life where they are now.
      This isn’t a blanket statement that all criminals/junkies aren’t willing to reform, but – show me stats on reform/recovery rates, and we can continue the conversation from there…make an argument that (say) a 3% recovery rate and newly productive member of society is worth the hundreds of dollars in new social experiment fees I incur with each passing year. Run me the numbers…because numbers don’t lie.
      Hey, isn’t it odd how, when pressed, the Clowncil can’t give us statistics, figures, standard deviations (including outliers), or any other hard numerical facts to validate their expenditures? Why, it’s almost like they don’t run cost-benefit analyses before tugging at our heartstrings!

      1. @Homeless on the Range

        This city is run on bleeding heart sentimentality with regards to helping junkies, but cold, hard ruthless bureaucratic fiscal realism when it comes to COLLECTING TAXES, TOLLS AND FEES from its citizens. It’s difficult not to see property crime as a just another “tax” we pay for the privilege of living in Seattle.

        “Property taxes too high?
        Boohoo, Citizen. Just sell your house and move. We have $100k+ salaried city employees and consultants to pay. “

        1. So you’re telling me the real housing shortage is overpaid, under-utilized city employees waiting to make an offer on my house? If that’s the case, I’m looking for a cool million! After all, it’s pretty obvious these city yo-yo’s don’t work with numbers before attempting something…hopefully that includes buying a new house!

          1. You’re really supposed to sell your house to the developers. It may be giving the City Council too much credit to think they schemed to force the single family owners to sell by ruining Ballard, given how daft they seem, but then again when I look around I see the results of a “de facto” weaponized underclass, so to speak.

  4. Let me guess, it was a homeless junkie that decided to leave her pile of trash in Ballard Commons Park in search of meth funds.

  5. again, anyone defending these violent addict nutters has some serious issues themselves….

    lots of trolling going on here, swedes.

    1. How about the people pimping them out to extract money from taxpayers while implying they will let it get worse unless we pay up? Simple extortion.
      Real classy folks, the whole bunch.

    1. Yes she tried to shoot up outside the facility where the children who attend summer camp were playing. It also took the police about 20-30 minutes to arrive. My daughter attends summer camp there and witnessed the event. Why the hell did it take the police that long to respond to an assault on a child. We have a staffing shortage with the Seattle PD. Maybe we should focus on public safety instead of worrying about building more bike lanes downtown or sending our mayor to Texas.

        1. If someone is pushed without their consent, that’s assault. If someone pushed you on the street, whether you think it is or not, the police would classify that as assault. When it’s a 50-year old woman pushing a 4-year old child, it’s definitely classified as an assault – which is what happened at the community center. Or are you now trying to tell us that didn’t happen? Fake news, Lambchop? Didn’t happen?

          1. When they turn and smack me with a backpack is that assault with a deadly weapon? LOLOLOLOL

          2. Did you perhaps buy your law degree from Home shopping Club? Because assault requires intent, it is considered an intentional tort, as opposed to a tort of negligence. Actual ability to carry out the apprehended contact is not necessary. In Criminal Law an assault is defined as an attempt to commit battery, requiring the specific intent to cause physical injury.

          3. If they are unzipped (tool out) and turn fast it could be assault with a dead weapon

          4. A woman shoving a small child is, therefore, assault, as it had intent. Or did the child trigger her because he wasn’t addicted to smack? Therefore, it’s ok that she pushed him, the little brat was asking for it! Shame on a toddler implying the ‘most vulnerable’ members of our society do something more constructive than shoot up in a community center. Idiot.

        2. WTF are you talking about, so I guess it’s OK for these poor junkies to shoot up their drugs in front of children and to assault them.

          1. Don’t bother King Diamond, it’s pretty clear these multitude of downvotes for anyone not spouting the strict liberal policy agenda is the work of one, maybe two people. Sure, sometimes the debate gets heated, but when I logically explain that yes, it was assault as defined by our laws, and I get 6 downvotes? It’s just people upset I don’t agree with their belief-sets 100%. That’s why I keep posting, because if you don’t, others, who don’t want you to have a dissenting opinion, win by default. And that’s not how democracy works.

  6. Elenchos – outstanding name, by the way – this is my first time to this forum, and I am life-long liberal, attending the Children’s March on Washington in 1972 all the way through to understanding the vast superiority of the French, German, Scandinavian, etc., social and tax models. Despite a top 1% job, I also lived in the Tenderloin in SF for years (by choice, without a car), and regularly walk and talk among the homeless here, from Sodo to Denny to Aurora to Ballard to Interbay to the U District to Cap Hill. If you cannot see the difference between (1) the young and fully able-bodied ‘homeless’ and jobless (albeit many of same suffering from addiction and some from alcoholism) and (2) the old and/or mentally or physically disabled involuntary homeless, then you are missing the biggest part of the human disaster that is occurring in Seattle as well as SF. This first group refuses to live by rules, by definition are not being responsible – and hence frequently, repeatedly shoot up in bathrooms, tents, RVs, parks, bus stops etc, endangering themselves and everyone around them – and by definition must steal or prostitute themselves, frequently to the tune of $50-$80 plus EVERY SINGLE DAY. Allowing this first group – a huge number of the ‘visible’ homeless – to be free from laws not only takes precious valuable resources from the ‘involuntary’ homeless (group 2 above) that truly need it, it also directly facilitates and enables these people to become OLD drug addicts that are unemployed. That is not compassion actually – it is cruelty. And it is what my counsel member (the guy from Fremont with his millions of dollars of rental property surrounding his house) and Sally Bashaw (in her million dollar condo downtown far above all the troubled people) and the city counsel members are doing. Take a good look at this video – this in a city with a $1.6M median housing value. It – like Seattle – is also one of the best places to get a job in the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gT5NULvRSk (YouTube, San Francisco Bart Junkies). It is liberals that have enabled this to occur. It is time we face facts. These young, able bodied people that are ‘homeless’ must (1) have the laws fully enforced and (2) if they are drug addicted – they may get out of going to jail/prison by choosing involuntary treatment. If we don’t get real about this fast, all of your elenchos and compassion will create a legion of old unemployed drug addicts for whom it will be too late. I wish it was not the case. But it is. Thanks.

    1. Harley: this whole “I’m a lifelong liberal, but MAGA!” bit doesn’t fool anybody. The gag is played out. Stop making up these throwaway sockpuppets. It’s stupid, it annoys everyone, and it doesn’t work.

      Get over your obsession with me. People hate you because you’re a right wing extremist, and they’re the reality based community, not because of anything I said. Get help, Harley.

    2. Elenchos – For all I know you have been right the last 100 times you have called out ‘Harley’ (I have no idea), but I can assure you this time that you are wrong. This literally is my first time on this forum, and everything I said above is true for me. (Do you really think Harley, whoever he is, really knows what Elenchos is or who Thales was, save for Wikipedia?) I would appreciate hearing your honest response to what I posted.

      1. You’re a conservative. You think life is fair.

        You see a rich person, and you feel utter faith and confidence that they must be smart, hardworking, clever, honest and thrifty. If a person who wasn’t virtuous became rich, that would be unfair. Life is always fair.

        You see a poor person. They must have something wrong with them. They must be lazy, a cheater, a liar, stupid and ignorant. How could someone who doesn’t deserve to be poor be poor? Life gives to everyone just what they deserve. Life is fair.

        Conservatives are stuck in a six year old’s way of thinking. The world is good and just and good things come to those who earn them. You want to see people in need punished and it angers you to see any help given them, because they can’t possibly deserve any help.

        Grow up. Life is not fair.

        1. Elenchos – Thanks for the reply. That’s actually not how I think. My mom and her family grew up so poor, to be honest with you, its why I think I walk among the homeless so much. And life isn’t fair. If I was black, I might well be shot by now, given my ‘attitude’ to calling police who are assholes out. And if I wasn’t born to my parents – in this country of all countries – I would be nothing that I am today. Nothing. And finally, yes, all kinds of people – most in fact – succeed through luck playing a HUGE role. Anyone that is truly successful knows this. And conversely, when you see the 48 year old single mother working her ass off on the midnight shift at Burger King (which I did in Ballard for several years) – you know that so many poor people, exactly like my mother, had or have had the worst luck. (And finally, as I made clear in my first post, I most certainly am not a conservative. In fact, of all things, I actually voted for Sawant back in the day!) Again, I would appreciate your honest response to what I wrote above. If you have already given it, then so be it.

          1. You’re a phony sockpuppet. You make up this supposedly liberal backstory and then when it comes to the hear and now, you spew the standard Dori Monson line. You are not the first “first time poster” to suddenly chime in when Harley’s socks are feeling bad about themselves. You are not the first sudden ‘former liberal’ to spew this same exact tale, only to pad your dittohead crap.

            You’re a phony and your game is lame.

          2. Elenchus – God knows what the history of this site is, but if that literally is your response (and I guess it is), then this certainly isn’t worth my time (or yours frankly). (For the record, my mom, in her late 70s, started a program to feed meals to underserved kids in schools – when she ‘retired’ in her mid 80s, her program had served over 100,000 meals.) To this day she cannot eat cheddar cheese, because that was the ‘free’ food her family got from family services, and she was forced to eat so much, it literally disgusts her today. If you cannot see this – all my posts, frankly – as honest, then that speaks for itself.

          3. Watch out, you’re gonna get downvoted for asking why you got downvoted. I’m not sure this ‘vote’ thing is representative of anything, but it sure is amusing to watch.

          4. Actually the comment vote thing is very Seattle passive aggressive, and quite funny for it.

            For example if you say “I heard this racist on the bus yesterday say he wished all the trans freaks would take their junkie pets and get out of town” or “looking at old photos of Seattle makes me cry because it wasn’t yet ruined by fat libtards and screaming hobos” etc would likely not get down voted as much as if you were, say, the actual “racist on the bus”.

          5. LOL, you too? I voted not just for Sawant years ago but Elenchos’s his hero, Mike O’Brien. Considering what they’ve done to our city, I still haven’t forgiven myself for it. I’m doing pennance and trying to make up for my mistakes by actively working against them.

          6. Hey stupid, the first time she ran was when SCC seats were all at-large, in 2013.

        2. Funny, when my daughter was 6, she was always saying “that’s not fair!”

          Yes, Elenchos, you are right. ( That proverb about a broken clock comes to mind right about now.) Life isn’t fair sometimes. Deal with it and suck it up. It does you and no one else any good to constantly bitch and moan about it.

      1. One could say fascism starts by shouting down dissenting voices…something both sides on this particular board seem to be guilty of.

      1. Good God People . I wasn’t aware that this forum was just for debating who is the alpha dog. Same bitching from same people post after post

          1. I would love to post my opinions but already know who’s going to jump to be the first to tell me that what I feel or think is not the norm….

  7. Elenchos for president. Elenchos for king. Elenchos for everything. Elenchos this. Elenchos that. When the F did this site become the Elenchos show? This is not all about you, although, it IS all about what you’ve allowed to happen and continue to tolerate in the name of pride/ignorance. And the magic continues on with down voting from all of your smug arrogant followers. Where is your church? I want to poop on your sidewalk.

    1. So it’s OK for Harley Lever to pollute the comment sections with his baseless, factless, “LOOK HOW LOUD I CAN YELL” shit-posts, but it’s not OK for Elenchos to respond to his garbage comments with facts? Did you forget to take your meds again Scott?

      1. Truth, once again, there are many people other than Harley Lever who are fed up with the chaos and lawlessness. That you insist on calling us all “Harley” just adds a level of insanity to your already bass-ackwards takes on every issue here.

  8. Pretty sure if a junkie abused someone’s precious “dog baby” all the local papers would run it like the crime of the century. Abuse a kid?
    “Meh, kids are gross move to Bellevue.”

    Everybody who wants Ballard to turn into Crapitol Hill raise your hands.
    This is the root of all the disagreement about Ballard crime and filth.

    People who like L.A. or think SF is “fine” will not understand the kinds of expectations people traditionally have in Ballard. I apologize for using a dirty word like “tradition”, as I was not intending to trigger anyone.

      1. Yes, now we have junkies. Thanks. The Scandies are the opposite of “racist”, they are clearly too nice. So here we are.

  9. Where are the security? I thought it is a restricted area? There should be enough people who could have checked it out. I feel sorry for the child. Hope they could find the person who did it.

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