Seattle PD makes arrests in fire alarm burglaries

It was an unusual crime spree: burglars trigger an apartment fire alarm, and after residents evacuate the building, they grab credit cards and other loot from unlocked apartment units.

Seattle Police say officers arrested a man and a woman connected to a spree of more than a dozen such burglaries, most in the North Seattle area. The arrest followed a burglary on NE Thornton Place in Greenwood on Sunday night.

“Police arrived and spoke with the victim who said they had to exit their apartment following a fire alarm,” explains Detective Patrick Michaud. “While speaking with officers, the victim began receiving notifications their credit cards were being used at a nearby store.”

Police then responded to the store “and found two people that matched the description of the people detectives believed to be responsible for a string of similar burglaries,” Det. Michaud said. After they were taken into custody, Seattle PD says they confessed to more than a dozen additional burglaries. They were booked for investigation of burglary, fraud and multiple warrants.

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17 thoughts to “Seattle PD makes arrests in fire alarm burglaries”

    1. You just complimented the SPD for arresting some of our poor “vulnerable community members” who were merely enforcing the city’s equitability policies. Prepare to be downvoted!

  1. I don’t understand why these people are stealing fire alarms. You used to be able to get them for free down at the first station.

  2. Huh. The city steals my money every day with excessive taxes and fees, then pats itself on the back for capturing a couple of their subsidized pets who got a little too aggressive about “sharing the wealth”.

    These burglars should just do their few months in jail then become community organizers like the “former” pimp Andre Taylor.

  3. Genius folks on crack. Heroin? Just what O’Brien ordered. Thanks to our local Police force they were able to arrest the fools and save other taxpayers from further lawlessness.

    1. >fill up the place with junkie thieves paid for with tax dollars
      >run around trying to catch them with fewer cops
      >film lip sync video

      Am I missing any part of the “Seattle Process” here?

    2. A crime has happened! Signal Harley Lever so he can swoop in to the neighborhood blogs and post a cascade of delusional comments under his many sockpuppet names! To accomplish what? That’s not for us feeble peasants to understand.

  4. only a 5th grader or a total adult scumbag would cause a false alarm. wtf?

    i’m sure someone will come around and correct me for being down on a thief a-holes that pull fire alarms…

  5. Absolutely great news. I’m confused though by all the down votes in favor of law and order. MBGA…………………..Make Ballard Great Again

    1. The down votes are a strange phenomenon. Any of you down voters care to explain why it’s bad these thieves were arrested? I’m honestly curious what you object to, please explain.

      Apparently the down voters prefer lawlessness and “homeless” being allowed to run amok; set off fire alarms, steal from the rest of us, smoke meth, shoot heroin, and assault people.

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