Fire at Crown Hill strip mall

10:15 p.m. The fire is under control, according to the scanner. Fire marshal investigating.

10:05 p.m. Firefighters are working on a roof fire at the “All The Best Pet Care” strip mall building across from the QFC on Holman Road.

Seattle police say Holman Road at 3rd. Ave. NW is closed in both directions.

(Photo from Jamie via the My Ballard Group)

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11 thoughts to “Fire at Crown Hill strip mall”

      1. Okay here we go again. Posts that blame the homeless and the same old tired responses from the same old tired people who have opinions about everything.

    1. Forgot … and the one that always has to make a smartass remark or their night , boring as it always is, just can’t help themselves. Get a life….

  1. Businesses like this have a really hard time recovering. Not to mention, all of the employees who likely live paycheck to paycheck. Let’s all hope that these neighbors can continue to stay working in this community through the rebuilding process. Even better if it’s not too serious.

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