Seattle Night Out block parties are next week

Get ready for barbecues and lawn games in Seattle’s city streets: next Tuesday (August 7) is Seattle Night Out, the city’s official block party night.

To register your street’s block party, you’ll need do so by 5pm on Monday, August 6. You’ll also want to add your event to the map shown below, and then print off official Seattle Night Out street closure signs from the Seattle Police Department. Each block is responsible for providing their own barricade, and the parties can run from 6 to 10pm.

There are at least two dozen block parties already registered for Ballard; check out the updated map here. Most streets are fair game, except for arterials and intersections. Live music is also permitted, so long as the music stops at a reasonable hour.

Night Out is part of an annual national event, put on in Seattle by the Seattle Police Department Crime Prevention. They say it’s meant to heighten crime prevention awareness, increase neighborhood support in anti-crime efforts, and bring together communities.

16 thoughts to “Seattle Night Out block parties are next week”

  1. How about just shutting the city down for a few days and rounding up the criminal junkies with the National Guard instead of the SPD making lip sync videos, while Chief Worst tells us she’s letting the illegal gangbangers take over?

    1. If you actually think that’s a feasible idea, I’d suggest you call, email and talk to your local politicians about your idea instead of just wasting your time posting on this blog to a bunch of people who are bored with your mindless and childish comments.

      1. You guys are the ones calling for “civil war against the conservatives”. How about simply fighting against the criminals instead of threatening and harassing your working neighbors?

        Sorry if i used too much reason there, I should calibrate for soy intake.

        1. Nope, you’ve used very little reason if any. You can however start by explaining what soy intake has to do with civil war on conservatives, and who “you guys” are.

          1. You are so going to regret ever asking this motherfucker to talk about soy.

          2. That language is uncalled for, Elenchos, but is sadly expected from the type of people who enable junkies, rapists, squatters, and gang thugs to invade common spaces.

          3. Coyotes, raccoons, junkies, tweakers, and the City Council: all dangerous parasite pests

          4. They are called phytoestrogens. They give men boobs and aren’t good for men. But today, WTF is a “man”?

          5. Scott, what do you call the useless piece of flesh at the end of a penis? A man. :)

          6. I was in love with a man once. Wasn’t as good as the cat or the ladies softball team. I’m with HER, Tahoe Sands.

  2. BFD. These silly events may at 1 time been a good idea. But today, it’s the same 12-18 people every year out there feeling empowered by this thing. I guess we have to invent something using technology that we can hold in out hands, or set on the table, to keep us in touch and in the know. All in times when some are blaming ICE and damning the police for what THEY do. People are funny.

    1. These same idiots give handouts to the single moms who have broods of criminals, then scurry to improve the police funding. The level of stupid with these people is off the charts.

  3. I think you missed the point… The point is to “get to know you neighbors”, so then, when some racist like “Urban Decay” wanders into our neighborhood, we will know that he doesn’t belong here and report him to the police.

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