Freakout Festival coming back to Ballard this fall

One of Seattle’s annual, homegrown festivals is back again for 2018, taking over Ballard in November. It’s called the Freakout Festival (originally known as the Psychedelic Holiday Freakout Festival in 2013), planned for Friday Nov. 16 and Saturday Nov. 17.

Guy Keltner started the festival, which has morphed over the years but has always been an event to support and promote the local Seattle music community. Record company Freakout Records was born from the fest, which now supports nine local bands.

The line-up for the Freakout Fest 2019 includes Shabazz Palaces, Deap Vally, All Them Witches, Night Beats, Los Blenders, and more — check out the full line-up here. Shows will be all over the neighborhood, with gigs planned for the Tractor, Sunset Tavern, Conor Bryne, Salmon Bay Eagles, Lagunitas, and Sonic Boom Records. There will be some curated stages from Seattle’s Vera Project, Artist Home, Portland’s X-Ray FM, San Francisco’s Sea Witch Productions and KEXP’s El Sonido and Street Sounds.

Early bird tickets are now available online ($35 per night or $60 for two nights — tickets valid for all venues).

Photo of Youngblood by Eric Tra/Freakout Records

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