Reminder: PARK(ing) Day is tomorrow

Tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 21) is the day where parking spots around the city turn into pop-up parklets.

PARK(ing) Day is a global event, and takes place on the third Friday of September of every year. The idea is to “reimagine how streets can be used,” and allowing for communities to create small park spaces where it’s currently limited.

This year, the city has created six neighborhood “clusters” where people can combine their pop-up parks and benefit from better visibility. The clusters are in areas with high foot traffic in Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, U. District, Lake City, and Rainier Beach.

Also new this year are awards for the parks with the best designs. There are three categories: the Pavement Upcycle Award for the most creative use of space; the Collective Effervescence Award for the park most connected to community; and the TRUST Award for the park with the most interactive programming. The park designers with the most votes will win; click here to learn how to get involved.

The awards will be announced at the Seattle Design Festival event from 7pm to 9pm at The Center for Architecture and Design (1010 Western Avenue).

Send photos of your Ballard parklets to


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