Travel guru Rick Steves to present at Night at the Nordic fundraiser

The Nordic Museum has a big fundraiser coming up, with travel icon Rick Steves as the featured guest.

It’s called Night at the Nordic, happening Saturday, Oct. 6 at 6pm. The theme for the fundraiser is travel, with travel packages to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hawaii and British Columbia on deck for the live auction. There will also be a multi-course meal and a talk from Rick Steves about his love of travel and some tips for travelers.

The event will start at the Nordic Museum’s Osberg Hall at 6pm with a champagne reception and dinner, with Rive Steves’ presentation at 7pm, and the live auction starting at 8pm.

Funds from the event will go to support the museum’s public and educational programs, exhibitions and operational needs. Learn more and purchase tickets here.

10 thoughts to “Travel guru Rick Steves to present at Night at the Nordic fundraiser”

  1. Can we give the travel packages to the junkies and ship them off to the Nordics? Let them deal with them. They have better welfare states anyway.

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