8th Annual Dicks Drive-In Walkathon is this weekend

The annual 15-mile trek to all Seattle Dick’s locations to raise money for cancer research is back, happening this Saturday, Sept. 29.

“What started as a fun idea of walking to all Dick’s Drive-In Locations in a single day has turned into an amazing charity event that has raised over $20,000 for local area charities in the last two years alone,” walkathon co-founder and Ballard native Lars Phillips tells My Ballard. This year they’re donating all funds to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Any donations up to $5,000 will be matched by Dick’s and Gravity Payments. Phillips says their goal is $15,000.

The walkathon starts at 10am at the Lake City Drive-In location. They’ll then walk to the Holman Road location, then Wallingford, Queen Anne and finishing at Broadway. There will be a live concert happening at the finish — Seattle artist Scarlet Parke will be playing in the Infinity Music Series at Dick’s that afternoon.

To join the walkathon, sign up and purchase a t-shirt for $25 through the Dick’s website.


35 thoughts to “8th Annual Dicks Drive-In Walkathon is this weekend”

    1. Dick’s is delicious. There I said it! Go out and enjoy a walk, see some free live music, raise money for a worthy cause, eat some Dick’s. The real Fresh Branzino has spoken! Also available for children’s parties.

        1. You know what’s really funny? “Diversity” Durkan used emojis on her budget tweet. Nice. We’re officially a city of retarded grade schoolers paying for even more retarded junkies. No offense to actual retarded people, who are generally not toxic tax parasites or criminal drug addicts.

          1. I got another one:
            A Seattle Mayor, a junkie hobo, and a priest walk into a bar. Bartender says, “ok wise guy we don’t serve sex offenders here” so they all leave.

          2. Q: How many Amazon drivers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
            A: 3.
            One to screw it in, one to hold the ladder, and one to throw your package in the yard so it can be swiped by a junkie hobo.

          3. The retard jokes are more hilarious bro! I’ll bet you make your mom lol with those.

          4. Q: What do you throw a drowning City Council member?
            A: A tax increase!

            Q: Why do you drive in a parkway, park in a driveway, and pay the city to build parks for junkies whose dealers do drive-by’s after going to the drive-in?
            A: I dunno but white men are evil and we need to conduct to $5mil transit study!

          5. Yeah, hilarious bro! You should post a retard joke on the Boys and Girls Club story. You’d be a legend!

          6. No, I think it’s cooler to fill the city up with sex offender drug addicts and make the citizens pay for it! That doesn’t hurt people but internet jokes ouch such damage wow just wow. really? OMG

          7. Dicks are never fond of a Head Tax!
            In fact, back when it was it was introduced the City Council thought it was the other kind of “head”. Explains M. Lorena Gonzalez’s support!

          8. LOL so let me guess you are over the age of 75 and collecting SS. LOL so hilarious bro!!!!!!!

          9. Another zinger! Because people collecting Social Security is hilarious bro! lol

          10. LOL isn’t it bro?! hahahaha good one brochacho! Love the way U think!

          11. Totes, but your jokes about retards are better, bro. Hilarious stuff there!

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        1. Lol, yep, I’m the reason there are armed robberies, car break ins, daily police calls, and needles littering the kiddies’ playground. You caught me! Honestly, it’s a wonder I’m able to keep up with all this neighborhood ruining and hold down a full time job (that all goes towards my 2k a month apartment) at the same time! Wow!

          1. There were armed robberies and car break ins and needled and police calls 10 years ago. And 20 years ago. 30 years ago, there were twice as many. 40 years ago, there were THREE TIMES as many crimes.

            The crime rate has not increased in the last 10 to 15 years, all the while the population exploded, the number of homeless exploded, and inequality got worse and worse. Crime did not get worse.

            You’re taking single incidents and ignoring the context. It’s very deceptive.

          2. Harley, we’ve been over this! Posting delusional comments, on a neighborhood blog, under a plethora of sockpuppet names is not a full time job.

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