Crown Hill Urban Village community planning workshop series coming up

If you’re keen to get involved in community planning for Crown Hill, you might want to join an upcoming workshop series at the Crown Hill Center.

The year-long workshop series is hosted by the Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development — the first one is on Saturday, Oct. 13 from 9:30am to 11:30am. The workshop will present projects planned for the Crown Hill Urban Village, identify concerns and opportunities for improvement in the neighborhood, and consider future planning for Crown Hill.

The city has also created a survey for potential aspects of the Crown Hill Urban Village, which includes parts of Loyal Heights and Whittier Heights. The survey questions are geared at learning what landmarks residents consider to be highlights of Crown Hill, and where the “town center” of Crown Hill should be. The questions also address housing and walking/biking trends and needs.

Based on previous community discussions and feedback, the project goals for Crown Hill include the following:

  • Create a walkable town center with a variety of businesses and services
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle connections, especially to parks and schools
  • Foster safe, and engaging public spaces and streetscapes
  • Add and retain affordable housing in the neighborhood
  • Improve stormwater drainage
  • Ensure the design and scale of new development complements the neighborhood

For background information and to stay updated on future workshops and developments, check the city’s Crown Hill Urban Village website, or this comprehensive website from the Committee for Smart Growth.

43 thoughts to “Crown Hill Urban Village community planning workshop series coming up”

  1. How about a parking strip park or a homeless housing camp?
    High priced ugly condo building?
    Maybe a safe injection site?
    You could always put in more multi use buildings with yoga/pilates studios and doggy daycare at street level.

  2. Yes! Walkability is a must as Seattle waves goodbye to the automobile gone the way of the dodo. This is certainly a good plan for the future as this city grows there will be more calls for space to walk just like Gemenskap Park. Walking down that without cars rushing by you is a treat, turning Seattle back to the forest it once was in a way kinda *shrugs*

      1. There are programs that turn pavement back to nature.
        Just take a gander at the viaduct project it’s coming down and there will be a park in its place. There are models of Seattle in the future that portrays a forest and how it would look with more trees parks and recreational activities in the city. Traffic is bad anyway so might as well have nature here “local” than to go out to the mountains during rush hour.

        1. Old visions of ‘the future’ also featured flying cars. That didn’t happen, why do you believe the greenspaces are a lock? The Fresh Branzino has spoken!

          1. I have been waiting for years for the answer to- “Where’s my flying car?”.
            Full disclosure- I have given up waiting for it and now just look forward to the opening of the new tunnel.
            I wanted to soar like an eagle and will have to be content to make like a mole.

          2. The only difference is that it’s happening citing examples I have provided in my response. Gemenskap/Viaduct green space. It’s happening! It’s alao very exciting. We’re too artificial these days with artificial light, sounds and expectations from society. It’s nice to slow down a bit and think

          3. Gemenskap, a glorified parking strip, is very artificial. No one is excited but we are getting a good laugh.

    1. “….the automobile gone the way of the dodo.”

      94% of commuters say otherwise. And considering the ST article from yesterday, it’s bicyclists who should be concerned about getting on the endangered species list.

        1. That 94 percent or wherever that number came from are people that wish there were more cheap alternate transportation other than owning a car

    1. If Seattle 2018 is the result of “planning” I’d hate to see…

      Actually never mind it’s just wasted taxes, developer gimmes, and chaos branded as “smart and progressive” just like the rest.

  3. Maybe elenchos will come to this so he can advocate for another park that he can use to take photos of kiddies at. New zoom lens for Xmas!

    1. I don’t know why you think this is worth going on about. It’s stupid.

      Keep lying about our parks being dangerous, and I’ll keep posting photos of families enjoying the parks. Kids? Sure. Not a big deal. Stop being a gross creep.

      1. Do you have a job or do you just sit at home and collect social security?? So you mean to tell me you have nothing better to do than sit in parks and creep on families?

        1. Sit in parks? Why? It takes all of ten seconds. Go to any park in Ballard when the sun is out, and you will see a diverse bunch of normal folks enjoying the park. There’s no waiting around or hoping. They’re always there, every day. You just drive by. It’s what’s so absurd about your bullshit. Overrun with junkies! Feces and filth! Nope. Sure, it’s not a gated community, not Disneyland. Not everything is postcard perfect. But normal people can deal with reality.

          Your problem is you really don’t get out. You don’t see our parks with your own eyes, and you don’t really know what’s going on out there. Everything you know you learned on, or listening to Dori and Jason. Bad sources. Do not trust.

          If you’d go out there an look with your own two eyes before you sound off with your 25 sock screen names, none of this would be necessary. Just pick one name, and don’t post anything that you don’t know for a fact is true. That eliminates 90% of what you’ve been doing, bu the remaining 10% could maybe have some redeeming value.

          Have I mentioned everyone hates you? They do. Everyone.

          1. Lmao, I like how you just now speak for “everyone”. Who in fact is “everyone”. Also, who is Dori? Jason? next door? Again, I’m a successful and popular guy, I have a busy schedule, so I can’t sit around in parks like you and listen to newscasts.

            Also, again man, I only have one account. Not sure how else to explain that. I’ve been to the parks where I live…why wouldn’t I? I see junkies, trash, and fights in ballard commons every week. So you’re telling me my eyes deceive me?

            Like I said, it’s ok to accept you’re lonely and a bit old. There’s no shame in that, just don’t be a creeper and terrify the small children.

          2. ” Again, I’m a successful and popular guy,”

            Things successful and popular people say.

            Fourteen comments in the last 24 hours under the “John Smith” handle alone, totaling almost 800 words. Busy schedule, right? Not even counting “Locally Sourced”, “Buxom Lady”, “Beach Lady”, etc. Popular! Successful!

            You’re not fooling anybody. It’s pathetic.

          3. LOL

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            Can you show us some more of the photos you’ve taken recently?

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          7. Wow! You sound like a popular and successful twentysomething too! Is your apartment 2K a month? Have you met John? Did you hear the latest from Music Band?

          8. Ellen, seriously- take a deep breath, relax and read a book or something…unplug from the internet, turn off your phone, just relax.

          9. The Fresh Branzino enjoys an overpriced cocktail and rocking out to the latest from Music Band!

  4. How about a branch of the Seattle Public Library in the Crown Hill Urban Center? I have to drive to Broadview, Ballard, or Greenwood; I’d much rather walk than drive to another neighborhood.

    1. Great input, but Crown Hill Center is privately owned. Crown Hill could totally use a library and many, many other amenities (other than car oriented businesses and parking lots.) Come to the workshop!

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