Ballard High School Marching Band to perform at Saturday’s homecoming game

This Saturday, the Ballard High School award-winning marching band will be treating the homecoming football game audience to a special halftime performance.

Here’s a look at last year’s performance:

The band, comprised of 160-students, will perform their 10-minute routine on the field at Memorial Stadium in Seattle Center on Saturday, Oct. 6 at about 6pm — the game against Roosevelt High School starts at 5pm. The show will be a medley of familiar Disney tunes and a formation on the field, according to Rachel Hart Rios from the high school.

Tickets to the game are $10, which can be purchased at the stadium’s ticket booth (cash only).

Video from last year’s performance

10 thoughts to “Ballard High School Marching Band to perform at Saturday’s homecoming game”

    1. Of course they do. But this is an article about how the VERY GOOD* Ballard High School marching band is going to play at the Homecoming Game.

      * Full disclosure: I am a band dad, though my kid is not marching this year.

  1. very cool. Are any of the practices held at Ballard High and if so what time? We live in the neighborhood and would love to come by to watch informally.

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