Upcoming events at the Nordic Museum

The Nordic Museum has a loaded events schedule for October, including the annual Taste of Iceland festival happening later this month. Here’s a look at their calendar:

North Wild Kitchen with creator Nevada Berg 

Happening at 7pm on Thursday, Oct. 4 (today), this event is all about food. Norwegian food culture expert/blogger/author/cook Nevada Berg will be speaking about her new book, North Wild Kitchen. “With dozens of mouthwatering recipes for Norwegian-inspired dishes, North Wild Kitchen features equally enticing photography of the food and the country’s landscape,” the museum’s event info reads. “Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Norwegian food culture—foraging, fishing, and farming; hunting, harvesting, and camping; baking, grilling, and frying.”

The event is free, but reservations are appreciated.

Taste of Iceland 2018

This year, the museum will be hosting three Taste of Iceland events. From the museum:

  • Energy and Innovation: Oct. 11, 3–6pm. Come out to hear executives from Landsvirkjun (Iceland’s national power company), the CleanTech Alliance, the Washington State Department of Commerce, and other Washington State energy leaders discuss energy innovations in Iceland and Washington. A cocktail hour will follow the conversation. RSVP on Facebook.
  • Design and Architecture: Oct. 11, 6–8pm. Join Halla Helgadóttir, managing director of the Iceland Design Centre, Surya Vanka, founder and chief designer at Authentic Design, and Dustann Jones, senior associate at Mithun for a discussion on how the designer-driven community behind the Iceland Design Centre and DesignMarch has enabled Icelandic design and architecture to emerge on the global scene. RSVP on Facebook.
  • Shortfish Film Screening: Oct. 14, 2–4pm. The Icelandic film industry’s premier festival, Stockfish, will screen its short film festival (aptly dubbed Shortfish) at the Museum! The Shortfish screening will feature six short films and run for approximately 90 minutes. There’s no age restriction, but the films are not recommended for children. RSVP on Facebook.
    Note: RSVPs do not guarantee a seat! Be sure to arrive early.

Soup & Cinema: Klumpfisken / The Sunfish

On Tuesday, October 9 at 12pm, the museum will host Soup & Cinema, which is exactly what it sounds like: hot soup from the museum cafe Freya, plus a movie. The movie will be The Sunfish, a character-driven dramedy. The synopsis reads: “Kesse, a third-generation fisherman in a small Danish town, is struggling to survive amid new fishery policies and the global financial recession. In his attempt to find alternative ways to make ends meet, he encounters his polar opposite, the marine biologist Gerd.” Tickets are $15 for members and $20 for non-members. (Watch the trailer here)


The Vikings Begin

The next big exhibit, The Vikings Begin, will start on Oct. 19. and run through April. The exhibit is based on the latest research on historic and recent discoveries of Viking-era artifacts by Uppsala University in Sweden, according to the Nordic. “The Vikings Begin tells the story of the Vikings of early Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway)—an intensely maritime society with a very close and important relationship to the sea.”

Admission is free for members, and $5 for non-members.

All images courtesy the Nordic Museum

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    Everyone knows that there is no such things as “Norwegian” or “Scandinavian” culture, Bigots.
    Every place is just like every other place and must submit to Soros and Social Justice. It’s 2018.

    1. Did someone say my name? Is some being microaggressed? Does someone need a hug? A safe space? Pumpkin Spice latte?

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          1. Nei, faktisk er jeg en ganske liberal, men langt venstre idioter har forårsaket den lange kampen for å få popularitet. Typisk for deg å merke alle som kaller oppmerksomhet til dette en “fascist”, men det er rett og slett ikke sant. Men hvis du ønsker å bli spesielt oppmerksom på det, er sosialisme egentlig bare mulig på steder med felles kulturer. Du, sosialistene, synes å forstå sosialismen minst.

  3. Maybe Mike can give a lecture on racial self-hate, then brag about his Scandinavian heritage, then visit his friends at Pacific Fishermen’s

  4. I laugh every time I see a TV program that shows Scandinavian cooking? They ALWAYS cook outdoors. They are so bloody clannish they can’t even allow a camera inside.

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