Upcoming Ballard Town Hall with County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Later this month, there will be a public Town Hall meeting to discuss the King County budget. The meeting will be led by County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles, who serves on the council’s budget leadership team.

The council is reviewing the $11 billion county budget and their two-year spending plan, and they’re seeking public input. Kohl-Welles will be joined by Dwight Dively, director of the Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget.

“This is a unique opportunity for my constituents to share their priorities on how the county intends to invest in our region over the next two years,” Kohl-Welles said in a statement. “Hearing from the public helps me better do my job so I can work to secure investments important to the residents of District Four and the entire county.”

The Town Hall will be on Wednesday, Oct. 24 from 7 to 8:30pm at the Nordic Museum (2655 NW Market St). For more information on the Town Hall, contact Kohl-Welles at 206-477-1004 or at jeanne.kohl-welles@kingcounty.gov.

29 thoughts to “Upcoming Ballard Town Hall with County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles”

    1. Only Jimmy Kibble and Colbert can be funny. Making fun of liberals can be tough stuff. Might hurt their little feelings if it doesn’t fit their agendas.

        1. Based on the useless, pathetic and boring comments and insults on this site, it’s obviously the Conservatives who are the most butt hurt. It’s sad that they have to resort to childish comments and insulting Liberals to boost their self-esteem because they are so butt hurt.

          I truly hope all plan to attend this meeting because these are the people who really need to hear our grievances.

          1. Didn’t see any “insults” towards liberals. But then again, reality is insulting when you live in an echo chamber filled with failed ideas.

          2. “Didn’t see any “insults” towards liberals.”

            Just browse the rest of this site and you’ll find plenty of insults towards liberals… but I don’t expect you to look beyond this post or even believe facts when presented to you.

            Please go to the meeting and voice your grievances.

          3. Huh. You mean facts like Ballard overrun with junkie criminals while “liberals” (sorry don’t get mad) ignore this and insult their neighbors for pointing out the feral unacceptable behavior they’re being FORCED TO FUND? Facts like those?

            Here, have a muffin. It’s gluten free.

          4. If you truly believe that Liberals, or everybody except conservatives for that matter, ignore crime and addiction problems, and don’t want to see change, you are obviously in an alternate reality and need to get get off the internet and meet real people.

            And please go to this meeting to make your actual voice heard and express your grievances.

          5. He’s a mentally deranged individual who creates multiple personalities on a neighborhood blog. He has no connection to the outside world, as can be seen by literally every comment he posts. He has not intention of going to any meetings to enact actual solutions or change.

            In the end, it’s unclear what his motivation is, but it’s clear that he’s very motivated, to the point of posting 20+ comments on an article, including replying to himself with a string of unique sockpuppets.

            Best to just troll him back. Bonus points for snark.

          6. Soy Ahoy and Social Justice Warlord are the same. He’s also Ballard Eater. All of his socks have “syntheticdrums” as the root account.

          7. Have you been triggered? Do you need to go to a safe space? Are you lacking the proper amount of social justice to enable a hobo to defecate on a sidewalk? Did you misplace one of your 37 genders? Did some toxic white male dodge a #metoo accusation?
            Just remember, your life really does matter!

          8. No, but i need to go to this meeting and voice my grievances with our elected officials who aren’t doing their constituents want. I hope to see you there, but I suspect you’ll spend the evening in your “safe space”, trolling on the internet instead.

          9. Voicing of opinions matters little. The council passes what it wants, when it wants. Public meetings get met with scorn. Best to just virtue-signal and look for your safe space!

          10. “Voicing of opinions matters little.” … as you continue to voice your opinion all over this site. Uh, ok.

          11. LOL. So true. Might actually change someone’s opinions here. In a council meeting, not so much. They have their agenda, and it is their agenda.

          12. >uses twitter as political platform
            >forces dissenters off platform
            >says internet comments are “doing nothing”

            Not sure I believe you there, Surly AF. It would seem you guys are very concerned with dissenting virtual opinions. Have you noticed nobody looks up from their phones anymore? Could be part of the reason everyone can pretend the neighborhood isn’t fast becoming a lawless dump.

          13. Ok, well I hope to see you at the meeting and and voicing your grievances.

  1. Here’s hoping attendees will be forced to submit their questions via email to some snarky social justice underling’s laptop again.

    Just have Dan Savage et al make all your decisions for you Seattle, and give up this pretense you’re capable of anything other than Twitter virtue signalling and collecting revenue.

  2. Mandatory meetings to accomplish what? Until somebody with an “R” beside their name runs or is in office, no accountability or real action (other than taxing and spending) will occur. The same people over and over expecting different results. Got insanity? No money to fix roads, yet massive amounts for junkies. Perhaps she can own her mess at this meeting? Will anybody put her feet to the fire and simply make her own this city she and her constituents created and now maintain? Or would that be mean spirited and not necessary?

    1. Let’s see…

      President – R
      Senate – R
      House – R

      What have these clowns done for you lately? I thought the Rs were supposed to make the opioid crisis a priority? Where’s the legislation? How’s the national deficit that the Rs always say is out of control? What? You say the Rs have increased spending?

      I’m not saying the Ds are doing a bang up job, but if you want things to really go to hell go ahead and fill in the circle beside the R.

      1. You guys keep saying that, but California says otherwise. Big exodus to red states. Huh. Weird.
        I think SOME of the liberal ideas are pretty good, HOWEVER when they pack the entire govt it ends up being one giant overpaid, double overtime DMV-type grievance grinding waste party. Heroin HAS ALWAYS BEEN BAD IN SEATTLE and now worse due to a lack of any sane and effective law enforcement. Letting the junkies camp everywhere WAS A LIBERAL IDEA. Once upon a time sane adults tolerated community college-level activists, knowing they would all grow up one day, but YOU GUYS put them in charge of the city. SCCC and Evergreen State type lunatics?
        Nice work!

        You guys can’t even force the stupidest, most obvious criminals (brain dead tweakers and junkies) out the the city without crying all over yourselves about social justice. No PRIVATE ENTITY could be run as poorly as Seattle and stay in business. You guys can’t get anything done except scorch taxes, tolls and fees off the working class even while their cars are prowled and houses invaded. Pathetic. Put on a pink hat!

        1. You guys keep saying that, but California says otherwise. Big exodus to red states.

          Got a source for that? Who am I kidding, of course you don’t.

          Population growth is at 0.86% in 2017 (source: Google California population growth and pick any article).

          California’s economy grew 2.5% in 2017, outpacing the national average of 2.4% and accounts for 14% of the GDP (source: Google California business growth and pick any article). California would also be the 5th richest nation in the world in GDP, just edging out the UK.

          The “people and businesses are fleeing California” is one of the worst lies perpetuated by Republicans, because they don’t want people to realize that the blue states are the most successful states. Sure Texas is up there, but who wants to live or work in Texas?

          You guys can’t even force the stupidest, most obvious criminals … out the the city…

          How do you preclude people in a nation, where the constitution affords people the right to travel through or exist in public spaces and has been upheld with additional amendments and Supreme Court cases? Please, I’d LOVE to hear your suggestion.

          But again, you won’t. You’ll likely just reply with some “I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you liberal, soyboy beta-cucks” or some similarly moronic reply.

          1. “How do you preclude people in a nation, where the constitution affords people the right to travel through or exist in public spaces and has been upheld with additional amendments and Supreme Court cases? Please, I’d LOVE to hear your suggestion.”


            This isn’t particle physics. You geniuses find excuses to avoid confrontation because the city is more worried about frivolous lawsuits or looking “bigoted” than they are about the safety of citizens and quality of neighborhoods. Allowing your city to be TAKEN OVER BY CRIMINALS IS CUCK BEHAVIOR, GENIUS!

          2. Yes, Truth, put the thieving, robbing junkies and sex offenders IN JAIL instead of camping/parking near victim’s residences. Do we hire police just so people like u have someone to protest, or is their mission PROTECTING citizens? I know everyone’s busy tweeting or Tumblr-ing about offensive jokes but maybe our leaders should stop being actors and start acting on our behalf.

            Here, have a muffin. It’s cuckberry.

          3. What about the 99% of the other homeless who don’t commit the vast amount of crimes you sensationalistly claim they do?

            Do we throw them in jail too? Do we ask them kindly to leave? Do we build a wall around Ballard and make the homeless pay?

            Also, what’s your obsession with cuckolding? If you have a spouse (highly doubtful), you could probably pay someone to take care of your urges, rather than venting through sockpuppeting a neighborhood blog.

            Or you could always seek that mental health I’ve been telling you to get for years.


  3. If you hold up California as a model for King County and Washington State, then you should continue to support the status quo, because those in charge are hellbent on making it the same.

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