New sushi restaurant opening soon on Market St.

A new sushi restaurant is moving into the empty space at 2242 NW Market St.

When My Ballard stopped by to check it out today, owner Jay Shin was on site and said he hopes to open by Saturday.

The restaurant has seen a number of tenants over the years; in recent history, it was home to Jhanjay and most recently Chili Baby, which closed over the summer.

They’re also looking for staff — they have about seven “Now Hiring” signs on the front windows.


14 thoughts to “New sushi restaurant opening soon on Market St.”

  1. Do you want to hear a really dirty sushi joke? You probably know it, you sicky. Can I tell it? I think we all (or at least some of us) are adults on here.

  2. Stray cat strut, I’m a ladies cat
    I’m a feline Casanova, hey man that’s that
    Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man
    Get my dinner from a garbage can

  3. Is it “Sushi I” or Sushi 1? Or could the name of the restaurant be “I <3 Sushi" and they accidentally put the sign together wrong?

  4. We can be like old fart Ballardites and just call it bait! Herring from one of the bait houses on shilshole had delicious little herring.

  5. Great! So glad a new and creative restaurant is opening with food that isn’t available at all in ballard anywhere else!!! Can’t wait! Maybe I’ll get to dine right next to some of the famous hobos too inside if I’m lucky!

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