Hoax bomb threat sends Whitman Middle School into temporary lockdown today

Whitman Middle School and two other Seattle schools had a scare today when someone called in a bomb threat, which police say was a hoax.

Whitman received the call around 12:30pm on Friday, and went into lockdown mode, Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Tim Robinson told My Ballard. When police arrived and determined it was a hoax, the school downgraded to a “shelter in place”, which basically means an abundance of caution, rather than an imminent threat. Students are allowed to roam the building and attend classes without opening perimeter doors.

Robinson said the other schools that received hoax threats include Eckstein Middle School and Jane Addams Middle School.

According to a school email sent to parents, the number was traced to New York, and is believed to be an electronic calling system used to send prank calls.

Seattle Police say they’re currently investigating the source of the calls. We’ll update with any new information.

36 thoughts to “Hoax bomb threat sends Whitman Middle School into temporary lockdown today”

  1. Has the Teacher’s Union changed tactics from the usual strike in September to making bomb threats?
    Looks like the kids will lose a day of Leftist indoctrination and the teachers get some free time to blog about being “victimized”.
    Remember, joking on a comment thread about a bomb that didn’t exist is as bad as terrorism (that didn’t exist)!

    1. Your narcissistic, politically motivated dribble doesn’t help. Particularly for people who had loved ones there. I’m not going to engage further. My comments won’t change you. If you were willing to show up in person and be so opinionated toward parents and staff family members, I’d respect you more. I’m afraid you are likely a small man.

      1. I completely agree with you. We are talking about real people here, families and children. Can’t we all just keep the snarky, mean comments to ourselves?
        Now look at the comments on the Christopher and Suphatra Rufo thing. There’s real respect for families and children.

    2. They comforted kids and kept them safe, according to my middle schooler. Way to go teachers! Thanks for taking care of our children!!

      1. Why would you say nasty things about someone threatening our children’s safety?! Shame on you. Some kids were crying and having anxiety attacks. This is what we’ve done to our kids. It’s disgusting. Thank you to Whitman middle school for keeping our kids safe and being very communicative with the families. Every parents’ worst nightmare is to hear your child is in danger, at school none the less. With the constant gun violence in our country, it’s no joke. I’m snuggling my girls extra tight tonight. If you have nothing nice to say… keep your mouth shut.

      2. You are so right Jody! They really kept the kids calm. I trust that staff with all I have in me. I talked to the Principal when I was there picking up. She was so calm and such a great example to our kids and to us. I am so so proud of the people who are guiding our kids through their middle school years. Thank you Lord or whomever folks worship for giving our children such great professionals who understand the real deep and immediate fears our children have in moments like this. They get it….

  2. It’s long past the time we lobby the FCC (fcc.gov) to make spoofing #’s illegal. Scaring kids witless and losing instruction time is unacceptable and much worse than the annoying spam we get.

  3. I was there at whitman my teacher barricaded the door with a table and then flipped 2 tables over to protect us and then armed us with scissors.

  4. I was there today and I thought to myself. Why are we stuck in the building if there’s a bomb threat. Shouldn’t we get the hell out of there!?!?

    1. No, the shooter at Parkland was hoping people would get the hell out. The administrators and Seattle Police handled it appropriately.

    1. What an awful experience for the kids and the teachers. Hope everyone is ok tonight and clearly this is not something to joke about or make witty comments about. Today was traumatic. My daughter is still processing it. Thanks for the teachers who made the kids feel safe today.

  5. I was there and kids were arming themselves with mayonnaise. I have a friend who alway steals mayonnaise packets from the lunchroom so I’m assuming it’s him (I was in the class that got armed with scissors, I’m the TA)

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