Thousands lose power in Seattle windstorm

8:15 am Ballard remained unscathed through the night, and all of Fremont, Greenwood and Interbay are back with power. In Magnolia, 2,105 customers are still dark. City Light says those outages are due to two trees that fell into a “feeder” and a pole. “Both of these jobs have crews onsite making repairs,” City Light says. The total number of citywide outages has fallen to 9,064.

9:45 pm City Light is making progress on the outages in Fremont, according to the map. About 3,000 customers have regained power, mostly in the Fremont and Wallingford area.

8:30 pm The wind seems to be subsiding a bit. Seattle outages stand at 46,126 customers. One of the most impressive videos we’ve seen tonight is this clip of the Seattle to Bainbridge ferry run.

7:50 pm About 500 customers have now lost power in Greenwood north of 85th St. and to the west of Greenwood Ave. Adding all this up, we have approximately 11,500 customers without power in northwest Seattle, mostly in Fremont, Magnolia and Interbay.

7:15 pm No significant changes for northwest Seattle, but the citywide outage total has crept up to 42,977 customers. A gust of 54 mph was recorded at Shilshole by Jim in the My Ballard group.

Meanwhile, the Seattle office of the National Weather service says it has “lost communication” and its operations are being backed up by its Portland office.

6:30 pm The first strong winds of the season are knocking out power across the city – and especially in northwest Seattle.

Just over 7,000 customers have lost power in Fremont, Wallingford, North Magnolia and Interbay. Close to 4,000 more customers in the rest of Magnolia are without power as well.

Ballard still has power for the moment (crosses fingers). The lights have been flickering.

Citywide, over 37,000 customers have lost power. Here’s the outage map. Seattle City Light’s only estimate for restoration is Dec. 15th, which is tomorrow.


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    magnolia has capsized under loss of power
    try and report? No, nothing, an antiquated run around and who has power really??
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  2. We saw at least a half dozen extraordinarily bright explosions in Magnolia from our roof deck in Ballard. One of them resulted in a relatively large fire that burned for some time down toward what looked like Commodore above the locks. We thought perhaps it was Elizabeth Campbell self-immolating over Ft. Lawton but stand to be corrected.

      1. Hi, thanks for your support. I appreciate the call-out, friend, but if all of us are hobos then who are the most vulnerable community members? We can’t all be…it cheapens the brand. I suggest you experience houseness as soon as possible in your lived experience. I hope to find you soon at the intersection of mortgage and equity. And Remember, Vote Salty, Vote O’Brine 2019!

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