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Well, we tried. Due to the incessant toxic comments from a very small number of users – this story put it over the top for us – we’ve switched comments to registered users only.

You can sign up to create an account here. You can log in here. (Both of these links are in the “more” menu). Your same account will also work in the My Ballard forum, which is a good alternative to our Facebook group.

If anyone needs a refresher on our comment rules, here they are.

Our apologies, we tried to keep things open.

Update: Forgot to mention, if you want to create a profile image for your account, go to your profile page, scroll to the bottom under the “avatar” section and upload an image.

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27 thoughts to “Comments are now for registered users only”

  1. the comments re:the man and dogs going into shilshole were over the top and beyond someone trying to get a rise out of others.

    now maybe we can be free from “elenchos” and the other frequent flyers.

  2. Good move! I was curtailing my site visits due to the rude comments. Figured that I would join the discussions now, this is my first post:)

  3. I thought all posts were from registered users.
    So I guess this is a good idea- keep the riff-raff out; keep it civil, and nice.
    Merry Christmas to all of you, and a happy new year!

  4. Thanks for the change. Differing opinions are valuable for the community, but unbridled negativity and hatefulness just made the comment section unreadable. Most people are kind and thoughtful, and I’m sure that will now be reflected more accurately in the comments.

  5. Thank you! It’s important that people unhappy with the state of the community can comment on that when it’s relevant, but every single article’s comments was just becoming a hate fest. I look forward to seeing a more civil discussion in this area.

  6. Having been part of a number of online forums over the years, the only really effective way to deal with the comments section is having a moderator. Unfortunately, that means finding a dedicated volunteer or three to maintain constant vigilance and objectivity when culling bad actors from the threads. I think that in this circumstance, where MB has limited staff to devote to babysitting, this is probably the best next option.

    For those who decry the decision to impose some sort of order to the [outrageously rude and inappropriate] comments here, and have already started in with the name calling toward the nice folks who run this site, keep in mind that a) the change didn’t come out of “political correctness”, it’s because you were a jerk. Nobody likes a jerk, and b) “free speech” does mean that you get to say whatever you want without fear that the police will arrest you. However, nobody is obligated to listen to it, and others are free to show you the door when you can’t restrain yourself and behave like a rational adult human.

  7. Thanks for this.

    It was pretty clear that 2/3 of the comments we’re trolls. Not sure if registering will be much of a solution. It only takes moments to create a throwaway account.

  8. Thank you!! The comments for the Missing Link articles in particular were becoming a royal-cesspool. Hopefully this will ensure the commentary for all articles are more constructive!

  9. Ah good. Nothing I like more than seeing the liberals turn into scowling Puritans just like the Bible thumpers of the 80’s. Fun fact: you know you’re wrong when you have to start censoring people.

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