Copious Love raising money to transform Ballard Underground into a cabaret

The cabaret group that’s soon taking over Ballard Underground is asking the community to help them transform the venue.

Copious Love is a production company that’s been operating in Seattle for about a decade. They’ve put on plenty of shows at Ballard Underground in the past, but now they’re moving in, and want to remodel the space to make it cabaret-friendly.

They’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the remodel, and are seeking at least $15,000 to make it happen. As of Monday morning, they had raised roughly $10,000 of their goal, with 16 days left in the campaign.

Right in the beating heart of Ballard is an underground space that needs some Copious love. We take over the lease in 2019 and will spend the month of January turning it into a full-feathered cabaret. That’s right: We’ll be transforming it into a proper cocktail lounge-cum-theatre space, fit for new works of all shapes and sizes. We want this to be Seattle artists’ ultimate living room – a space to try on new personalities and new ideas, inspired by our flexible configurations and open attitude.

According to the campaign, the total cost to renovate will be $35,000, most which they’ll pay for themselves. “We’re taking on the bulk ourselves to make this dream come true, and raising another $15k or more with you to make sure it’s the place of our wildest dreams.”

The money raised will go to green room upgrades, a new bar, tech upgrades that will allow them to live-stream events, and new merchandise.

The owners are very Ballard-centric, and are all about getting locals into the cabaret. They write: “We’re your new favorite date-night spot. Including nights when you just need a date with yourself. Chiller than a bar, with constant entertainment, but not as formal as most nights out at the theatre. We want to be the place you go whenever you want to experience something a little bit wild – from burlesque to drag to high-tech theatre to taking center stage yourself.”


10 thoughts to “Copious Love raising money to transform Ballard Underground into a cabaret”

  1. It’s amazing businesses existed before Kickstarter came along to provide capital for businesses that lacked a strong business plan. Plus, isn’t this part of the Kress building that was sold to a developer recently? Do they know what their lifespan is going to be? I certainly don’t want to kick in for something that might be evicted a year from now to start developing the building into another apartment complex.

      1. The thing is, I’d love for Ballard to have a ‘speakeasy’ of this type. But knowing the building was sold to developers, I don’t have any clue whether it will be around long-term, hence, my trepidation about kick-funding their renovations.

  2. Heard the developers are really nice and actually care about the community. They plan to let them run this as long as it takes to make it at least break even.

  3. ” Including nights when you just need a date with yourself. ”
    How does one go about turning your own self down for date #2 in a chilly text 3 days later?

    Ahh, Seattle culture.

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