Submarine spotted near Golden Gardens

Over the weekend, Ballard resident Jennifer Greiner Clark documented a unique sight: a submarine was passing by Golden Gardens around midday on Saturday, headed north.

Jennifer posted the photo in the My Ballard Group, using her binoculars and her phone camera.

The sub was also seen from West Seattle — the West Seattle Blog says that Bremerton is a homeport to two submarines. The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is based in Bremerton, which has historically been a hub for building submarines — the shipyard built seven of them during World War I.

There’s some speculation about which sub it was — there are two active subs that are based in Bremerton; the USS Seawolf (SSN-21) and USS Connecticut (SSN-22) (If you’re a pro at identifying submarines, let us know!)

Thanks to Jennifer for posting the photo!


40 thoughts to “Submarine spotted near Golden Gardens”

    1. While I’m sure the russian and other unfriendlies could have figured it out I am pretty sure your son would appreciate you not helping them out…

    2. While I have no doubt that your son is on the Connecticut, there is no way that this is she. Assuming that this picture was indeed taken this last weekend, let’s just say it would be physically impossible for this to be the Connecticut.

  1. Why would identify the sub ? Lose lips sink ships just be glad you’re sons home now 🙂
    I severed on subs that’s why is it called slient service and for the news media posting such information should be tried for treason

    1. I lost my lips once too… Or at least I thought that I did. Then I remembered that I was on shrooms. They never actually went anywhere.

      Darnedest thing.

  2. its neither. SeaWolf is in the Shipyard and Connecticut is deployed. (mom of deployed sailor on the USS. Connecticut) Probably the Jimmy Carter

  3. Stop spotting subs for the ” other side”.
    WWII poster: ” Lose lips sink ships”.
    “They” already have nuke subs off all coasts. The game of ” sub chess” will begin at depth, several kilometers off shore.

  4. Anyone that spends any time one the water (I know it’s a stretch for the new Ballard crowd), has seen these plenty of times cruising around the sound… usually escorted by heavily armed patrol boats. It only take one time staring down the business of a 50 cal to learn, if you see the sub, drive your boat the other way.

  5. Oh please stop if the didn’t want people to know where and what it is they wouldn’t surface where it could be seen. The moment it surfaces anywhere I’m sure Russian and Chinese satellites spot it faster than humans do. When the US doesn’t want anyone to know no one knows where they are including most of the crew on the sub. So stop being silly and acting like someone talking about a sub surfacing where it can be seen by anyone or anything is a state secret. Weirdos.

  6. Really cool picture. Thank God I live in a country where you can post this without being marched down a hallway and shot in the back of the head, or shipped off to a frozen prison camp.

  7. I hope they remembered to not to park the thing for longer than 20min in Ballard or some junkies will run off with the nukes after lunch at St Luke’s.

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