Thai Siam just served its 31st year of free Christmas dinners

Thai Siam in Crown Hill has a Christmas tradition: every year, they serve free dinners to those in need on Christmas Day.

Along with employees, they round up neighbors, friends and anyone willing to help cook the feast.

“We cook 30 turkeys and about 40 pounds of potatoes and 36 pumpkin pies,” owner Nancy Phokayasupatt told King 5. “It’s not just for the business to make money, but for the community to get together and do good work.”

They also give out gift bags: toothpaste, a toothbrush and soap.

Thai Siam usually serves around a thousand turkey dinners every Christmas.

Photo from a past Thai Siam Christmas dinner, from the restaurant’s Facebook page

30 thoughts to “Thai Siam just served its 31st year of free Christmas dinners”

  1. Thai Siam: “Be sure to fill your plate and eat it all! You’ll need the energy to steal all our bikes and packages.”

    1. This is the dumbest comment yet. You are an absolutely terrible human being. Thankfully there are amazing people like the staff at Thai Siam to counteract horrible, worthless people like you.

        1. If you think putting down people who feed the poor and hungry is “funny and spot on”, then you are equally a horrible and worthless person.

          1. Junkies and thieves can starve. Feeding them to signal compassion is WHY WE SEATTLE IS SUCH A DUMP NOW.

          2. Horrible, worthless trolls such as yourself are the scourge of Seattle. Try actually doing some good for a change, like these amazing people at Thai Siam.

  2. Much respect to the Thai American community, as they are hardworking and compassionate neighbors UNLIKE the shiftless, entitled junkies and hobos RUINING SEATTLE.

    1. Whelp, if I have mental issues I guess that means it would be ok for me to set up a tent and do drugs, then steal and get free meals while people like you attack anyone who takes issue with it.
      Do I have that correct?

      1. Oh, yeah, that’s totally it. Nothing to do with the fact that you’re in every single comment section trolling with the same bullshit. I know it’s easier to talk shit on the internet than actually do anything to help the problem, but nobody else comments here anymore because of the garbage you and your ilk are constantly filling the site with.

        1. Just speaking the truth. Sorry it hurts you so much you need to insult me and try to get people banned instead of offering any rebuttals. You guys wonder why people leave the Liberal Plantation…

    1. I think it did help, but there are still trolls like Uncle Buck that have their record stuck. It doesn’t matter the article, he’s always going to share his hate for those less fortunate than him and express his disdain with the city council. Will he ever be on topic? No. Will he ever offer anything useful? No. He’ll continue to waste his time trolling his nonsense until his heart stops.

      1. And then you, valiant you, comes along and posts “troll” after his and other trolls’ posts…giving them exactly what they crave and guaranteeing they’ll stick around that much longer. Can’t you just let it go like the rest of us? Roll your eyes, mutter “Jesus Christ” to yourself…but just stop feeding them. They post the deplorable, you post the obvious…not much value in either.

        1. You may be right. Or you may be wrong. I am unsure why Uncle Buck’s account is allowed to stay active even though he is only trolling on every article. My hope is me posting the obvious helps point them out to the mods. The mods made one change. Maybe they’ll make another? Besides, feeding the trolls would be giving them something to feed on.

  3. Interesting…There is absolutely no mention of anyone wishing someone Merry Christmas in the bible yet Christ was very clear about feeding the hungry.

    1. Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day, teach a liberal to fish and he’ll get all the atheists out paraphrasing the Bible to justify their misguided mission to save all the people from their own terrible decisions. Ya know, free will and all that.

      Get back to me about what Christ meant when you stop enabling thieves and drug addicts. Pretty sure nobody tries to get the “homeless” saved or teach them the Gospel.

  4. You’re an inspiration Nancy P! Thanks for the excellent food – best Thai in Seattle, and your leadership commitment to service and community.

  5. It’s great we have charitable organizations that care about those left behind by our conservative legislature that keeps Washington as the most tax-regressive state in the nation.

    1. Hey it sure is great our city spends billions to keep the streets flooded with criminals while we suffer from a police shortage. Tell me more about these “progressive” grocery taxes and why I pay nearly double for American alcohol than places abroad. Pathetic.

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