Dignitaries escorted by Seattle police through Ballard on Christmas Eve

A trio of buses with full police escort drove through the center of Ballard on Christmas Eve, leaving many wondering who the important dignitaries must be.

Thanks to the My Ballard Facebook group, it turns out to be kids and their families from Seattle Children’s Hospital headed to the annual Ronald McDonald House Christmas Cruise on Shilshole.

Once they arrived, they were greeted by even more Seattle police officers, some on horseback, others playing bagpipes and drums. Then the children boarded an Argosy Cruise for dinner, gifts, games and a magical visit from Santa himself.

“RMH Holiday Cruise was established in 1981 by founder Stephen Lamson,” explains the event website. ” The core mission for this organization is to provide children dealing with life-threatening diseases and their families that are displaced from home and extended family during the holidays an evening of enjoyment and celebration.”

What a great event and a reminder about the true spirit of Christmas.

(Top photo via video posted by KING 5’s Alex Rozier. Second photo via SPD Chief Carmen Best.)

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11 thoughts to “Dignitaries escorted by Seattle police through Ballard on Christmas Eve”

  1. No matter what you think of their food, the Ronald McDonald house does great things for sick children. Remember, these are kids who probably won’t reach adulthood.

  2. More Propaganda from Right Wing Liberals in Ballard. Headline should be “Seattle Pigs Take a Break from Stalking Women and Shooting Black People to Escort Sick Children Because They Need Some Good Publicity.”

  3. You can always find some dumb white bastard north of Downtown Seattle willing to propagandize for pigs when they do good things. It’s bad enough that the Democrats on the Seattle City Council rewarded Seattle Police with raises for killing people of color, for excessive force, and for stalking women recently.

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