Update on Fremont businesses hit by Christmas Eve arsonist

The four businesses that were involved in Monday’s alleyway arsonist fire are all closed until further notice, as they assess the scope of the damage and begin to rebuild.

According to Seattle Fire, Habitude and Red Star Taco Bar sustained a total of $190,000 worth of damage.

Habitude Salon has moved all their stylists to the Ballard location. “The roof is leaking and still no power,” they wrote on their Facebook page on Wednesday. “We have moved all stylists and appointments to our Ballard location until January 15th when we will have more information.”

Red Star Taco Bar sustained heavy damage in the blaze, but owner Billy Beckett says their insurance should cover the costs to rebuild. “We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from our friends, the local community, fellow operators and the industry as a whole. It’s been truly humbling,” he wrote on Facebook.

Art gallery Sfingiday had considerable damage, and have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help rebuild. Their goal is $50,000 — as of Thursday morning, $5,105 had been raised.

“Firefighters and police broke through the ceiling and the back of her store to put the fire out. The store has suffered severe water and fire damage, much of the art is destroyed,” they wrote on their campaign page. “This is a devastating and shocking loss for my sister, her family and the artists and employees connected with her store. We are raising money to help my sister and her family, the employees, and the artists recover the loss and damages that they have suffered.”

Neighboring restaurant Ounce of Prevention estimates $10,000 worth of damage in the fire. The Fremont restaurant has also recently had some unrelated misfortune: one of their managers stole over $10,000 from the restaurant.

“We’re proceeding properly and legally to deal with the theft and check fraud, but if we can’t get an immediate influx of money, we’ll have to close and file for bankruptcy,” owner Leslie Varney wrote on a GoFundMe campaign she set up to help them stay open. The campaign has a $7,000 goal — as of Thursday morning, $100 had been raised.

“I’m making this plea to help our employees not suffer more for what one person has done. Please consider making a donation of any amount, anything will help us. I know it’s a terrible time of year to ask, but I truly hope we can stay open, pay our amazing staff, and continue to offer this great community space to the Fremont neighborhood!”

SPD is still seeking tips to find the arsonist — call 911 if you have any information that could help police.

Feature photo of Red Star’s damage, as posted by owner Beckett on Facebook

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  1. I guess if you can’t spell, you “due” hair? And yes, an ounce of prevention…if we didn’t have tents and criminals living among us unchecked, we’d perhaps not have these things happen. We don’t help ourselves when we “compassionately” allow folks to shoot up, steal and poop in our streets, sidewalks, parks and other public spaces.

  2. An OUNCE OF PREVENTION? Oh the irony.
    In this case of lawlessness and criminals running around unchecked, an “ounce of prevention” would’ve been SANE, EFFECTIVE POLICING and an ADULT, RESPONSIBLE CITY COUNCIL instead of this city government of social justice nabobs and their filthy corrupt buddies who are “solving” the homeless crisis while bilking the rest of us out of hard earned tax dollars so they can make feel-good Twitter posts.

    “Please visit our Ballard Location” and let’s hope to God it isn’t burned there as well, seeing as how the morons who run this zoo seem to think free range criminals are a GOOD THING AND MUCH VIBRANCY.

    Pro-Tip: stop dying your hair blue and start RESISTING CRIME.

  3. If a firefighter dies putting out a hobo fire, like when a woman is raped by a junkie hobo, doesn’t this mean the City Council is guilty of putting them in harm’s way by encouraging these types of people and limiting police response?

    1. No. You’re spreading hate like wildfire, so maybe we can charge you? When a business owner shoots a homeless person dead, doesn’t that mean you’re guilty because you encouraged these types of people and hating anyone who doesn’t have a home?

  4. this city is getting too ridiculous – how anyone could argue that everything is just fine and we don’t need to hire a lot more cops is delusional.

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