Police release photos of Fremont arson suspect

Seattle Police released two photos from a security camera that they say show a man “believed to have deliberately set” the two fires in Fremont early on Christmas Eve. These images are much clearer than the blurry video shared by several Fremont businesses on Facebook yesterday.

If you have any information about the suspect or information on these arsons, Seattle police ask that you please call 911.

For those wondering, detectives say they don’t believe these fires are connected with any other arson cases in the area.

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16 thoughts to “Police release photos of Fremont arson suspect”

  1. Please call 911 if you see this chump and hope the cops show up within 3hrs to look around for the guy after the 911 operator asks you 50 questions as if you are lying.

    Also, thanks O’Brien supporters. Nice city we have now.

          1. These are dark times for public safety and there seems to be huge effort to obscure and minimize the abject failure of our “leaders” to do anything other than collect revenue and make Twitter posts. Do you think Ballard/Fremont etc are BETTER places than a few years ago?

            Try getting some reality in your diet.

          2. Surly,
            Shouldn’t you be downtown breaking windows with a baseball bat😀?

    1. I also agree, take a page out of the Everett and Marysville playbook, no they aren’t as cool as Seattle and not near the optics but they sure no how to keep the streets clean from both trash and human garbage.

  2. Thanks to the Washington legislature who keeps Washington as the most tax-regressive state in the nation. This is what happens.

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