Two-hour delayed start for Seattle Schools, more snow on the way

The Seattle school district will be on a two-hour delayed start on Wednesday morning, and all buses will be on snow routes.

The snow routes stick primarily to roads that are maintained by the City of Seattle — stop locations and times can differ, and no door-to-door pickups will happen unless prearranged.

The school district says they mailed letters to parents in November detailing the snow routes — call 206-252-0900 to find out where those routes are for each area.

Temperatures are supposed to head back to mild tomorrow with a predicted high of 40 degrees, but another snowstorm seems to be in the works for Friday and Saturday, with varying snowfall predictions.

We’ll keep you updated on any Ballard specific snow updates. And, as always, you can share your snow photos to and we’ll add them to our photo posts.

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Aww, lil bucky triggered by school children.


Stop whining about taxes already!