Schools closed on Monday as another round of snow hits Seattle

With another several inches headed our way over the next couple days, Seattle schools are taking another snow day on Monday.

Metro will continue their emergency snow network routes on Monday and Tuesday, which you can learn about in detail here. Only 60 high-ridership routes and shuttles will be on the roads.

The snow tonight (Sunday) is expected to accumulate up to a few inches, but then another, more “juicy” system is coming at us tomorrow, as weather guru Cliff Mass puts it.

There’s more moisture coming, but seems to be some uncertainty about whether it will be snow, freezing rain, or a mixture of rain and snow, but Mass warns it could get messy. The next system is expected to come in around early afternoon tomorrow and continue through the night — Seattle could see another 2 to 6 inches of snow, depending on where you live.

We’ll be updating with relevant local info as it comes in — send us if you have news to share.

Thanks Ron, for the photo!

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Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck

Looks like the Seattle teachers will have to spend another day at home with their cats retweeting AOC’s nonsense in their Bernie shirts.


lil bucky got triggered by the snow lol