Icy roads means no garbage pickup, another snow day for many

With another several inches of fresh snow on the ground, and many residential roads as slick as a skating rink, much of Seattle is taking yet another snow day.

Sledding was in full swing on every viable hill in Ballard over the weekend, with 65th St a favorite — even the BBC posted photos of the Phinney slopes.

Last night brought Renee Lois’s total to 12 inches in her backyard at NW 75th St and 32nd Ave NW.  “It came right up next to my living room window,” she shared in the My Ballard Group.

“It was sure pretty watching it come down,” she wrote.

After last night’s storm, a look at the traffic cameras show that many of the main roads are mostly clear, but even NW Market St has some snowpack.

Seattle Public Utilities won’t be picking up garbage, recycling, or food/yard waste today.

If you have updates or photos you’d like to share, email us at tips@myballard.com.

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Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck

Stay home and get paid anyway, Metro! It’s the Seattle Way!
If most the buses aren’t running will the junkies still be waiting to try to get on for free?
It’s like our very own zen koan.

Toad (of Toad Hall)
Toad (of Toad Hall)

Ponder this Grasshopper:
What snowy beast slouches towards Ballard Commons,
It’s Ice Age come at last?