POSTPONED: Community Police Commission to speak at this month’s Ballard District Council meeting

Update (Tuesday Feb. 12): The February Ballard District Council meeting has been postponed due to the snowy, slushy mess out there.

Here’s a message from the council:

“Due to weather-related accessibility issues (a long, messy snow melt!), WE ARE POSTPONING OUR FEBRUARY MEETING until everyone can safely navigate.

“The Community Police Commission has been rescheduled to come to the Ballard District Council meeting on Wednesday, May 8.

Next month (March 13, 2019), we will focus on the Crown Hill Upzone, as previously scheduled.”

Original (Monday, Feb. 11): On Wednesday, Feb. 13, the Ballard District Council will host its monthly meeting, with the Community Police Commission as the featured presenters.

Roxana Garcia, Community Engagement Supervisor, and Jesse Franz, Communication Advisor, will present a “CPC 101” overview. They’ll describe the history of the organization and its newly expanded scope, followed by a Q&A with the audience.

From the Ballard District Council’s meeting info:

The CPC was formed in 2013 as part of the settlement agreement for police reforms mandated by the federal government. Under 2017 city legislation, the CPC was made permanent and its scope and staffing broadened. While it continues to be responsible for obligations related to the settlement agreement, CPC is now also mandated to provide ongoing, community-based oversight of SPD and the police accountability system.

• What does this mean for Ballard and other North Precinct neighborhoods?
• How can we engage with community-based policing accountability via the CPC?
• What would success look like if public safety was improved in Ballard?

The meeting will be held at the Sunset Hill Community Association (3003 NW 66th St) from 7 to 8:30pm. All are welcome.

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Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck

Yeah the cops STAYED HOME. What else in new in Seattle?
If they arrive on scene and kill a KNIFE WIELDING ATTACKER they are accused of brutality. Lose-lose.
Way to go, Libtards. You’ve filled up the city with junkie criminals and DEFANGED the cops. MORONS!


how about you right wing nutjobs? you put in place a police force across the nation that kills and incarcerates black people at a much higher rate than white folks. puts people of color in prison all across the country for nonviolent crimes. gotta keep those for-profit prisons profitable don’t we?

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck

Ackshually, subsidizing ghetto/trailer park single moms CREATES the youth criminals who end up in those for-profit prisons. Even though we teach kids sex ed from early ages (wrong imo), they still end up knocked up at 16, dodging bullets (muh rap culture) and of course the working taxpayers get blamed for it and also pay the front end (welfare) and the back end (courts, police, prisons) for all your liberal schemes and social engineering mishaps. I could mention the FBI crime stats on race etc but I know facts are verboten by you social justice communists.

Pretty funny you guys can do high level extrapolation on weather data to form Climate Change opinions, yet can’t figure out that the Welfare State is fossil fuel pollution for society.

Also, you moving to Chiraq soon to enjoy the Democrat paradise?


your post is full of classism, racism, and fascism. i’m glad your grandkid was able to get your internet set up for you, but you should really consider going back to letters to the editor.

you’re so brainwashed by fox news and alex jones that you actually believe reagan did positive things for the country. you originally put the blame on subsidies, what say you about subsidies for corporations? still think that trickles down? inequality has gotten worse ever since your boy RR took over and hijacked the tax structure. that is the single biggest reason every single one of your problems mentioned is actually a problem today.

i know precisely what pollution is, and it’s the fecal matter being spewed from your face orifice.