Humpback whale spotted off Discovery Park

While it’s not uncommon for humpback whales to appear in this part of the Salish Sea, it’s not everyday that one gets a news helicopter following its movements.

Yesterday, a humpback whale was spotted swimming near Alki Beach by KOMO News, who captured some beautiful footage of it for about an hour as it made its way north.

The whale was spotted at 1:45pm just off Discovery Park, still headed north. Near the end of the video, the humpback was joined by what looks like a pod of sea lions.

By 3:30pm, it swam past Richmond Beach, heading northbound towards Woodway and Edmonds, very close to shore, according to the Orca Network.

Photo and video courtesy KOMO News

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Whales are my favorite animals. Humpback’s are majestic creatures. Watching whales swim is like poetry in motion.