His Word Found Here Bible & Coffee Shop now closed

The Christian coffee shop and Bible store in downtown Ballard, His Word Found Here, just shut its doors.

Lauri Miller posted the news in the My Ballard Group, saying there’s a For Rent sign in the window. (For those wondering, monthly rent is a mere $5,000 per month.)

The shop, located at 5404 22nd Ave NW, opened in June 2014.

We tried to contact the owners to learn about their closure, but haven’t yet heard back.

Photo from His Word Found Here’s Facebook page

11 thoughts to “His Word Found Here Bible & Coffee Shop now closed”

    1. People now go to the church of climate change and look for their answers in government, that’s why. Too busy with false Gods, hedonism and narcissism. AOC is a Goddess after all. Let’s flock to her and Bernie. They’re not religious after all. Just opportunists.

      1. There’s thousands of facts and studies that are in favor of AGW. There’s practically no studies against AGW. Yet there’s a large amount of people that are against AGW, despite there being no evidence to support their views. So remind me which one again is more church-like?

        I know nothing about AOC, but Fox News seems to have some unhealthy obsession with her, as do you, which makes me think I should look more into her, because she must be doing something right to get you all triggered!

  1. Ballard is now hostile to Christians, and of course as a result the streets are gross and the parks and library are unfit for unaccompanied children.

    1. There are many, many Christians in Ballard and in absolutely no way is it hostile towards them. Let me guess, you also think questioning the impact of lobbying is anti-semite?

      1. I would not call the Progressive mock churches “Christian”. They simply are clubs where people feel “spiritual” and take and leave what they want. Cafeteria Convenience Christians.

        1. Oh I see, you are the one to decide which Christians are “real” and which aren’t? Honestly there are many Christians in Ballard who go to a variety of churches all over the city. You clearly have a narrow mind that only allows for a select few to be approved by your standards. Try taking the plank out of your own eye before you judge, bucky.

    2. People aren’t hostile to Christians, that’s complete nonsense. Please go back into whatever hole you were in and leave commenting to the adults.

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