Don Willis Furniture files for bankruptcy

Don Willis Furniture in downtown Ballard has closed, and the company has filed for bankruptcy.

We learned about the bankruptcy when My Ballard Group member Shelly posted that she ordered and paid for furniture in September, and hadn’t yet received her order. Unable to reach anyone at the Ballard location, we checked in with the Lynnwood store, where their answering machine explained that they’ve filed for bankruptcy.

“We are currently in the middle of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We do apologize for this inconvenience to you,” they say. “Our top prior is always to take care of our customers. If you have an order that has not been received, contact Bountiful Law for your refund.”

They ask that customers contact Bountiful Law at They add that there are some orders ready to deliver, and that Bountiful will have more information.

3 thoughts to “Don Willis Furniture files for bankruptcy”

  1. I know it’s tough to run a small business – especially furniture – but leaving your customers without pre-ordered products is shady af.

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