State seeks public input on future use of Interbay National Guard property

A large swath of state-owned land in Interbay is up for redevelopment, and the state is asking for community input.

The land, located just north of the Magnolia Bridge, is currently being used as a “readiness center” by the Washington National Guard. Built in 1974, the facilities are now outdated, and don’t meet the National Guard’s requirements for mission support. There are more than 600 personnel on-site, and large military equipment moves in and out of the area on weekends. They say that with increasing traffic in the area, it’s time to move locations, so the Guard is looking for new facilities elsewhere.

Now, the governor and legislature have created the Interbay Public Development Advisory Committee to advise and help identify potential future uses of the site. Assuming the Guard will be relocating, the committee will work to guide the redevelopment process, “with the goal of recommending a use that maximizes the property to the overall benefit of the public,” according to the Department of Commerce. Using community feedback, the committee will make a recommendation to the state legislature in November.

The first public house to learn about the Interbay Project will be on March 19 at 6pm and the Ballard VFW Hall (2812 Nw Market St). Those who attend will meet the advisory committee members and project team, learn about the project, and provide ideas for the future of the property.

Any questions can be directed to Or, click here to learn more about the project.

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