Kangaroo & Kiwi to host fundraiser to support victims of New Zealand mosque shooting

Ballard’s local Australian/New Zealand bar is planning an event to benefit the families of victims from the mosque shooting last weekend in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Bradley Howe, owner of Kangaroo & Kiwi, tells My Ballard that the event will be on Friday, March 22 starting at 5pm.

“We invite all to come down for a get together with mates from everywhere to show support for all involved in the horrible events recently in Christhchurch,” the event flyer reads.

In addition to accepting donations, the pub will also be hosting an auction to raise money.

To stay updated on the event, follow Kangaroo & Kiwi on Facebook, where they’ll be posting additional information.

3 thoughts to “Kangaroo & Kiwi to host fundraiser to support victims of New Zealand mosque shooting”

  1. I support contributing to the cause of the horrific shooting, but it should be understood that alcohol, pork, and dogs (especially near food) are all considered haram. Not to mention marijuana and “alternative” lifestyles. Please show respect by refraining/abstaining.

    Perhaps a nice church/temple/mosque potluck fundraiser would be more respectful. This smacks of some kind of PR biz move by a bar. But hey, this is Seattle so everybody line up for some virtue signalling.

    1. It’s sponsored by the Kangaroo & Kiwi pub for christ sake mate! It’s Aussies and Kiwis, and they all drink beer and anything else.
      I think I get where you are coming from but these are people that come from where the horrible events happened.
      Did you even read the post or check out the web site?

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