Skål Beer Hall to officially open April 10

The long wait is over for those excited to try Ballard’s newest Viking pub: Skål Beer Hall is officially opening to the public on Wednesday, April 10.

Skål’s renovation of the rather ancient building at 5429 Ballard Ave NW took much longer than expected — they’d hoped to open last fall, but ran into issues with their heating and air conditioning systems and permitting.

Despite their delayed opening, Skål was able to amass over 1000 people who signed up for their Beerhalla Mug Club membership. They’ve been hosting a number of soft openings for the members since the end of March.

Skål’s menu for the soft opening is focused on meat and cheese — their “Char-Grilled Small Bites” include beef, lamb, venison, paddock chicken thigh, pork belly, and goose, with a few seafood options (sea cod, salmon, mackerel) and a few veggie options (mustard apple, beet and leek). For the adventurous, duck hearts and pork liver are on offer.

They’ll also serve a number of potted cheeses — cheddar and beer, smoked mussel and scallion, or Nutella and lingonberry —  with a choice of potato bread or crispbread.

For larger plates, Skål has a Spiced Pork Sausage, Nordic Charcuterie Board, and Beet Salad. Sides include pickled herring, Norse eggs, pretzels, and dilly fries.

Their drink menu is focused on draft beer, with an emphasis on local offerings. Some of their current draft offerings are Valhöll Skål Norsemen IPA from Poulsbo, an Odin Black Currant Farmhouse Ale from Tukwila, Pike Pils from Seattle, and the Matchless Bord-Øl, (Kveik Saison) from Tumwater. A couple very local breweries will also be featured on the menu: Stoup’s Irish Stout Nitro, Reuben’s Gobsmacked Imperial IPA, and Urban Family’s Perpetuation Sour.

“As Ballard residents of Norwegian and Swedish descent, we aim to honor the Nordic roots of our neighborhood through a relaxed, communal beer hall experience – what we envision a Viking meadhall would be like today,” they write in their bio. “Our great hall will offer a rotating selection of local craft beer, cider, and mead, regional wine, and specialty cocktails (with emphasis on the Scandinavian favorite – aquavit).”

To learn more or stay updated on Skål’s events, click here.

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Boring Opinions
Boring Opinions

My husband and I went last Sunday and it was really impressive. Facility, service and — holy smokes! — the FOOD is amazing. Can’t wait to get back there on Wednesday for more of those skewers and Pike Pils. Team Duck Heart! Skål!


Hey! Thats great to hear. I’ll definitely have to check it out! Looking forward to that Urban Family and Reuben’s Brews beer too!