Ballard house gets a Henry makeover

The beautification of Ballard continues: a house on NW 60th St has been adorned with a two-story mural from local muralist Henry.

Lauren posted the below photo in the My Ballard Group of her home at 2040 NW 60th.

“I’m sure some of y’all have already seen our house, but we (with Henry’s help) added a lil’more color to Ballard!” Lauren writes.

Lauren, a ceramics artist, said their house was just a “big blue box” before the massive mural.

“We went through many ideas from sculptures mounted on the house to repainting it,” she tells My Ballard. “Our family loves Ryan Henry Ward’s art so much (we already have a couple of Henry prints), so we started talking about maybe a small mural to help break up the boxiness of the house.”

She then reached out to Ryan on Instagram, and invited him to check out the house. He floated the idea of a giant Sasquatch, Lauren says, ” but we honestly had no idea how epic it would be!”

The mural took two weeks to complete. “We love everything about it and couldn’t be more pleased,” Lauren says.

24 thoughts to “Ballard house gets a Henry makeover”

  1. Would have been great if they used a real (local, possibly someone in need) instead of this corporate sellout. Put some Chihuly sculptures in the front yard.

  2. Nice remodel of a 1915 home and original and colorful ….for you critics of not liking it cause your either a homeless scum bag or a condo resident which bills are paid by your parents .Keep old school Ballard old school and problem have no weirdos hanging around there like on market st. and 24 th st. ,QFC ,St.Lukes …
    … you know the stinky dirty part of Ballard !

  3. It looks ridiculous. There’s a house down the street from mine with that Henry crap painted all over it. All of us neighbors think it looks stupid.

    1. see, now that was just rude. henrys are awesome and for you to say something like that is really uncalled for.
      maybe all your neighbors and the folks around think you are “stupid”.
      funny how its okay for you to verbally be rude and bully anon abuse folks via social media but you are the first to scream and whine and cry when someone does something you dont like…….example….. . your fine truly ignorant , and i use that term in its direct meaning, reply to the story.
      henry did a wonderful and amazing job as he always does.
      a great talent……and should be respected as such.

    2. And who might your neighbors be? Homeless folks living in RV’s. I think it looks cute. It’s better than these mausoleum looking townhouses spouting up all over.

      1. My neighbor across the street sold his home last month for $850,000. 2 bed, 2 bath. Spent 1 week on the market, got full ask. My other neighbor on our same street sold for $1 mil. I could put my house on the market today for $900,000 and sell in a weekend. Point is, we have a nice street with lovely old homes. None of us like looking at that preschool scribble. It doesn’t belong here.

        1. I think you’re the one who doesn’t belong. Based on your description of how much your neighbors’ houses are selling for, there doesn’t appear to be any problem with the mural being there. Why don’t you sell your house THIS weekend?

  4. I love that there are houses in the neighborhood that don’t take themselves too seriously and celebrate art. It gives our neighborhood charm and character. Has anyone seen the house with the huge Iron Giant like sculpture? It is fantastic.

  5. Love it when people get creative and have fun with their homes. Don’t take this crazy life too seriously. This is super cool and very Seattle.

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