Fundraiser for Ballard sexual assault victim raises $11k in 3 days

A fundraiser set up to support the woman who was sexually assaulted at a Ballard car dealership last year has raised over $11,000 in just three days.

Christopher and Suphatra Rufo set up the Facebook fundraiser, not long after releasing the interview in which Lindsey described her assault at the Carter Volkswagen last May.

“In the past year, Lindsey has been in recovery. Once a gregarious bartender, she became wary and nervous of strangers. Crowded spaces made her fearful and anxious,” the Rufos write. Since the assault, Lindsey quit her job and moved back in with her family, and has been in therapy and recovery.

“The most remarkable thing about Lindsey is her spirit. She’s strong, smart and full of heart. She’s an incredible mom. She’s a great friend. And she’s almost to the other side of this terrible experience.”

Lindsey has moved out of the city to the countryside, and told the Rufos that she’s now, “finally safe”.

“We are creating this fundraiser because we want to support Lindsey in her continued recovery and in her new life,” the Rufo family writes. They say the fundraiser will help to support her moving costs, therapy, and other medical costs.

As of Friday morning, 249 people have already donated a total of $11,335. To learn more, visit the fundraiser here.

One thought to “Fundraiser for Ballard sexual assault victim raises $11k in 3 days”

  1. Never enough. Why not garner the very best attorney(s) and sue the crap out of the city and city council? Take on MOB and his comrades and their lame antics that brought us this tragedy. Or, do we have to repeat this? What has changed since this incident, except more heroin and street people here? This is NOT the cost of living in the rare air of Seattle.

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