Massive apartment building proposed near Ballard Swedish

Plans are in the works to redevelop almost an entire block in downtown Ballard into a 181-unit apartment building.

According to the Seattle DJC, a plan has been submitted to redevelop five parcels at 1723 NW Market St, which would include Monkey Bridge and Ballard Optical and extend southeast down Barnes Ave NW.

Business along that stretch include Ballard Speech and Hearing Center, plus several medical offices across from Swedish Hospital. The proposal does not, however, include the Ballard Mini-Pod parcel owned by Jay Dodson, who told My Ballard he’s unwilling to sell.

Northlake Capital & Developments, who submitted the proposal, owns one property, and the three other property owners are willing to sell or partner in the venture, according to the DJC.

The site totals 28,085 sq. ft., and has split zoning for a building up to 85 and 65 feet. The above drawing shows the scope of the plans, which would take over much of the NW Barnes Street block adjacent to Market St.

The proposal is still in the early stages, but we’ll update once the developer submits more information.

20 thoughts to “Massive apartment building proposed near Ballard Swedish”

  1. 181 affordable units? How many parking stalls will be granted? My guess is that they will not be affordable and parking will be a nightmare. Then again what do I know, the Seattle uber elite will pay anything and not need a vehicle.

    1. Look at the sketch. It’s got a bike entrance! Not so bad, right? That’s where all the tents can go.
      Also, where did you get the ‘affordable’? YGTBFKM.

  2. I love Monkey Bridge but I have to admit an apartment building, a block from future light rail, is a much better use of land than the squat vintage buildings that are there now.

  3. What is particularly sad is the loss of the medical clinic to the south of this block. This is a great example of mid-century design by Paul Hayden Kirk, one of the top architects of the time. It should be preserved.

  4. I hope the developers will take care of the businesses currently on that block, preferably moving them to temporary locations. That’s how development happened in Fremont for Cafe Turko and Milstead coffee, and I’ve heard good things about how that was executed.

    I also hope the new building is Gold or Platinum LEED certified. Too many construction sites don’t properly recycle demolished materials or factor environmental concerns into the building design, and I don’t see much on the Northlake Capital & Developments site to suggest that’s a big priority for them. I hope I’m wrong! Like another commenter said, new apartments this close to a future light rail station is a great move for Ballard.

  5. ” Affordable” to who ???? Not us blue collar folks for sure and the location is still in nutville USA and I can rent 3 apartments to 1 (Nutville Ballard ) in Las Vegas ! That’s not News – it’s fake News !

  6. Pack Ballard with as many humans and generic buildings as possible! Erase all trace of a vibrant community with a unique attitude and soul!

    1. agreed………not enough road here for the amt of cars as it is.
      and no parking for the tenants. which we all know overflows onto the adjacent buisinesses and residents.
      light rail. where are they going to cram that? and why? the bus system from ballard is super.

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