City funds available for Night Out activities

Seattle Night Out is still a couple months out, but the city is offering funding to help pay for activities planned by neighborhoods.

The city’s Small Sparks Fund will provide matching grants up to $5,000 to help Night Out planning efforts and activities, such as creating outreach materials, educational fairs, and kids activities.

Night Out is a national event aimed at crime prevention, and usually takes the form of block parties spread out around the city. You can register your event here to be added to the map, especially if you want to close off your block to traffic for the night.

Applications for funding are due at 5pm on June 25th, and Night Out will be on August 6th.

For information on the application process, visit the Seattle Department of Neighborhood’s website or call 206-733-9916.

6 thoughts to “City funds available for Night Out activities”

  1. Haha ok good. Yes please take a night off SPD and BARBECUE instead of arresting the meth hobos.

    Gee looks like “city funds” are magically available. Huh. I’ve got an activity idea, maybe the SPD could go and find Freja and Truth’s cats “Bernie” and “Hillary”. I heard they got loose near that Chinese joint on 8th.

  2. He pulled the green hunting cap tighter atop his fleshy balloon of a head and set his mind to the task, “Theology. Geometry. Cat Ladies!” Satisfied with his scathing comment he hit the Post button and sat back, staring intently at the screen awaiting a reply.

    1. I really am impressed you read something that didn’t involve teen wizards and dragons, Freja. Here’s a big gold star sticker for your lunchbox.

      Maybe one day you’ll graduate up to the Classics…

  3. I love the nights out. All my neighbors get together and drink, eat food and talk. Not once have we ever talked about neighborhood security! Lol

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