City council candidate forum tonight at Nordic Museum

Tonight, seven candidates running for District 6 will be joining a forum for the June Ballard District Council meeting.

The seven participating candidates will include: Jay Fathi, Sergio Garcia, Jon Lisbin, Kate Martin, Terry Rice, Dan Strauss, and Heidi Wills. The moderator will be former Seattle City Councilmember and journalist Jean Godden.

“Don’t rely on hearsay or cursory endorsements,” the meeting information reads. “Take time to interact with community members and listen in person to the candidates on a wide range of topics for this important local election.”

The meeting will be held in the Osberg Great Hall at the National Nordic Museum — doors open at 6:30pm with a 7pm start.

8 thoughts to “City council candidate forum tonight at Nordic Museum”

  1. So much white supremacy here!
    How dare they hold this meeting at a “Nordic” museum.

    Maybe we can get the candidates involved in a yoga class that teaches “undoing whiteness” so that the future meetings can be held at a place that really represents the interests of local Democrats, such El Centro de la Raza or a Chinese real estate company.

  2. Maybe we could get a “Draft Mike O’Brien” thing going. Wouldn’t that be great?😆

    It might bring Mike O’Brine and the original elenchos out of retirement 😜 Those were the days, the posts here lately are just kids stuff.

  3. I hope the recent assault of a 91 year old woman (her arm was broken; at that age a very critical injury) by one of Mike O’Brien’s “most vulnerables” was discussed.

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