Project update for Ballard Multimodal Corridor

Crews will continue to pour new concrete on the west end of NW Market St in the coming weeks as part of the Ballard Multimodal Corridor project.

Over the weekend, crews worked on Friday and Saturday nights to improve access into businesses along the north side of Market near 24th Ave NW. That work is likely to continue into the week.

SDOT says that this week, they hope to finish the bulk of the paving through the intersection of NW 54th St and Market. Demolition work will continue as crews remove existing pavement and start preparing for the new roadway panels.

Traffic control will continue, and traffic will remain reduced to one lane in each direction, with no parking permitted on either side of Market between 30th Ave NW and Ballard Ave NW.

Paving for the north curb lane on Market will begin next Monday, July 8th, starting at 54th St and moving east towards 24th Ave NW. Once finished, the crews will go back to 54th and pave the center portion of Market St, which SDOT says will be during the week of July 15.

Gravel or steel plates will be used to ensure access to parking lots along Market, but SDOT says some temporary closures will occur as work progresses.

Also on the agenda is the installation of new strain poles for the overhead trolley lines between 32nd Ave NW and 24th Ave NW. Traffic control may shift to accommodate the work, according to SDOT.

To stay updated on the ongoing work to build the new trail, visit the project website.

4 thoughts to “Project update for Ballard Multimodal Corridor”

  1. I wish SDOT would create better detours to navigate this area. Its a 6 month long project. I’ve asked them to allow right turns onto 24th in front of Kitchen N Things. I’ve asked for detours to be created on 56th ave. NW 56th runs parallel to Market and would be a great way to get to western ballard if they blocked off a bit of parking. They won’t take action.

    1. You can turn right at 24th.

      They don’t want to run traffic down 56th because that’s a residential street that isn’t going to save anybody time and it’ll endanger residents that live there. That would be extremely unfair to residents who live on 56th. In addition, it’d save or take more time to traverse 56th and cut back around onto 54th to get out to Shilshole and such anyway.

      We’re talking seconds of time. Not really a huge loss here for getting the roadway improved and safety improvements made – where people have actually been injured over the years! In just a few more months everybody will be able to zip up and down like normal unless of course those Ballard Coalition lawsuits botch up the whole thing. Then it might just be stuck in construction forever!

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