Get ready for 4th of July celebrations

The 4th of July is always a big event in north Seattle, with thousands descending on Gas Works Park for the annual fireworks display over Lake Union.

Seafair’s all-day Summer Fourth festival at Gas Works will start at noon with lawn games, live music, food trucks, and a beer garden. Fireworks start at 10:15pm.

The festivities are free, but there is reserved seating for the best fireworks-viewing areas — click here if you want to reserve a seat.

Remember that traffic and parking will be a bit messy in the evening hours — walk, bike, or bus if you want to avoid sitting in traffic.

King County Metro will be on a Sunday schedule with extra late-night buses, and some bus routes will be on revised routes during the festival, including the 26, 32, and 75.

13 thoughts to “Get ready for 4th of July celebrations”

      1. “Most countries do have a patriotic holiday”

        Yeah, how is that working out in Europe? 4th of July has so many racially bigoted notions built into it. Do you not know any history of our country and it’s racist roots? Do you still celebrate Columbus Day?

        What alternate summer holiday would you suggest?
        We just had a lovely Solstice Festival, maybe you’ve heard of it?

        1. So are you suggesting that Solstice become a national holiday or that we simply dispose of Independence Day without a replacement? I am very interested to hear what you think would be an improvement upon what is currently our major midsummer holiday, sandwiched between Memorial Day and Labor Day the timing is excellent but I don’t disagree with you entirely on the optics lending to our nations lower nature.

          I believe your other questions are either rhetorical or intended to derail our conversation. With that said, I have been very pleased to see Columbus Day transformed into Indigenous People’s Day and hope to see that trend growing.

          1. National holidays give the majority* of the work force a day off to celebrate with friends, family and their community. Holidays are important in all societies. We could, of course, go the way of the UK and replace some of our themed holidays with generic “Bank Holidays” but that always fells so drab to me.

            I just wanted to know what you considered to be your dream options. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into your disapproval of Independence Day so I assume you have also considered alternatives. (Of course, I’m not suggesting that you have established a comprehensive plan on how to implement a change across the nation. That is a whole different can of angry rednecks to deal with.)

            People are so quick to complain without ever seeking solutions but you have such deep feelings about things that you must not be one of those malcontents who just enjoy hating things.

            * Some people will always have to work on national holidays, that is a given and not part of this discussion.

    1. The fireworks in the photo appear rainbow colored. Not sure what white nationalists would support anything having to do with pride.

      You’re really reaching deep for your concern trolling these days.

      1. Brilliant analysis. Many things have lots of colors. Are you going to DC to celebrate July 4 with Trump, seems right up your alley.

        1. …. so you have no constructive ideas regarding your desire to ban the 4th of July because it doesn’t conform to your personal social values? I’m still waiting for you to put out some positive, well thought out alternative ideas; other wise you’re just screaming nonsense into the wind and we have enough people doing that due to the lack of availability of mental health care in this country.

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