Scandinavian Specialties is here to stay

The beloved Ballard shop that sells all things Scandinavian isn’t going anywhere, according to a sign posted in their window.

In May, the property where Scandinavian Specialties operates sold for $2.9 million. At the time of the sale, the future of the shop was unclear to owner Bjørn Ruud.

But to the relief of many, the shop has just announced that it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future: a sign the window of the shop announces that the new property owners don’t currently have plans to develop.

“Hurra!” the sign reads. “We hope to be here for many years to come!”

Thanks to Debbie for posting the news in the My Ballard Group!

8 thoughts to “Scandinavian Specialties is here to stay”

  1. So happy to get this news! I love this store and don’t frequent it as often as I should. Maybe if I went more frequently I wouldn’t over spend every time I walk in.

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