‘Rob Mattson Way’ street signs to be installed tonight

Honorary street signs to commemorate Rob Mattson are going up during a special event in Ballard this evening.

Rob Mattson, who passed away in 2018, served for over 40 years as an advocate for Ballard in Seattle. For most of that time, he was the Ballard District Coordinator for the Department of Neighborhoods, and was also part of Seattle’s “Little City Hall” program in the 1970s.

The streets in front of the Ballard Library will now feature honorary “Rob Mattson Way” signs at 22nd Ave NW and NW 56th/57th Streets.

There will be an event to install the signs tonight at 5:30pm next to the Ballard Customer Service Center at 22nd Ave NW and NW 56th St.

Ballard Alliance Executive Director Mike Stewart will facilitate the event, which will also have guests and family members present to speak in honor of Rob.

“We hope you can join us for the lovely event and raise a glass of sparkling cider in a toast to Rob!” Thomas Whittemore from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods writes.

Thanks Angie, for posting about the event in the My Ballard Group!

Photo courtesy of the Ballard News-Tribune, Westside Seattle. Photo by Pulitzer Prize winner Jerry Gay

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I hope the Black community doesn’t complain cause he is White.


terryj – that is a very inappropriate post. Rob Mattson was an asset to our community and would not liked what you are implying.
Geeky Swedes, (Megan?) I am not sure why you allow this type of comment?