Ballard P-Patch to host 18th annual Art in the Garden

The annual Art in the Garden festival is coming up soon at the Ballard P-Patch, and this year, they’ll be fundraising to help prevent the P-Patch from being sold to developers.

The Ballard P-Patch must raise $1.8 million to purchase their half-acre home at 8527 25th Ave NW, or the land will be turned into four single-family residences.

The P-Patch organizers have set up an online fundraiser dubbed “Give the Gnome a Home“, which has so far raised $22,640.

“Come out and enjoy the artwork, the bountiful garden plots, and the warmth of community—with optimism that we get to do it again next year!”

They’ll have 16 artists selling original work, a Maritime Pacific beer garden with bratwurst, an ice cream truck, bake sale, kids activities, a wine-grab fundraiser, and art raffle.

The 18th annual Art in the Garden will be held at the P-Patch on Saturday, August 3, from 10am to 5pm. Admission is free.

Photo: Ballard P-Patch on Facebook


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Seattle is already talking with developers. Does anyone think seattle politicians care about what the people want? Really?


So should Seattle not listen to the homeowner and their desires? Doesn’t sound very Capitalist of you, comrade!

I feel for the gardeners, but they had to realize as long as they are gardening on someone else’s property, they were on borrowed time.